Monday, July 11, 2011

Miss Beckie Louise Week 60: Reminiscence on Childhood

Mod note: Please join me in welcoming back Miss Beckie Louise! She has had a rough few months but is eager to rejoin us and fill in our Mondays. Yay! Full slate of writers!!

Miss Beckie Louise

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Reminiscence on Childhood.

I sit on one of the chairs after the party surrounded by what looked like mirror balls, all different sizes. I pick up a medium sized one just to see how heavy it was and found it very light. I throw it in the air a few times just for fun before placing it on my knee.

Being surrounded all these balls reminds me of when I was little and I was outside with a bottle of soap and a little plastic thing with a hole in so I could blow through it, to make bubbles.

I remember blowing a big bubble, which I popped by touching it slightly with my finger. I could actually see the way the bubble popped. The moisture going in a round shape almost meeting up with the rest of the bubble that hadn't popped quite yet.

My eyesight had always been good and sometimes I could see things that other people couldn't; for instance this bubble.

I loved my childhood. I was always so free, free to do what I wanted whenever I wanted to do it. As I got older, things got harder and the death of my mother meant that I was taking care of the household, which in meant I had to learn how to do everything. By everything I mean the cooking, cleaning, washing. The amount of clothes we went through when I first started using the washing machine is quiet frankly, astonishing.

I had a small number of friends after the changes to my lifestyle and I got a weekend off a month, which brought me here. Sitting on this seat reminiscing my childhood.

I miss the freedom, the laughter. I haven't truly laughed in such a long time. Sure I occasionally chuckle, but it is like life drained out of me and was rinsed away with the many loads of washing and dishes.

Tears slowly run down my face as I think of my childhood, I want so much to get my independence back, but I can't leave home as I have no money to my name. I decide instead to do something that I know I am good at and enjoy; writing. I had always wanted to write but never had the courage to pick up a pen.

Once I arrive home from my night out with the girls, I cross my room to my desk and pick up a pad of paper and a pen. I am happy to notice that I have a lot of pens ready for me and with that, I sit down and write.