Sunday, July 17, 2011

Burntcore Week 60: Hearts So Deep Part 7


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Hearts So Deep - Part 7

Casey was back home in State College after a very interesting and informative weekend. She said goodbye to her new-found aunt, filled with stories, both good and bad, about the sisters' childhood. Susan’s journal mentioned a lot of what Julianne described, but it was different hearing it first person than from reading it in a book. Julianne spoke most of that afternoon, her voice only breaking once she got to the parts where her and Susan were older ... when Julianne left and Susan was left to her own devices with parents who had no business with children.

Casey was still having a hard time getting over the fact her beloved grandparents could ever have done those kinds of things to their own daughters. Margaret and Leonard were wonderful grandparents to her; perhaps they knew what they did wrong with Susan and Julianne and were trying to make up for what they lacked the first time around.

She wasn’t sure if she could ever confront her grandparents about what she had learned. How would that even be brought up in conversation? There was still more Casey needed to know. She still didn’t know who killed her mother and who sent her Susan’s journal. The more Casey dug into the mystery, the more she began to think that the two were interconnected. There had to be a reason why, especially after all this time.

Setting the mystery aside, Casey prepared for her date with Alexander later that night. They had been dating for a few months now, but it wasn’t anything serious ... at least not yet. She liked him; she just wasn’t sure how much she liked him.

It had been a few days since she had spoken with him, so he had no idea that she had been in Pittsburgh or any of the more recent developments. Casey had this overwhelming urge to tell him about what she found out. He knew bits and pieces of what had happened, but they never really talked about deeper issues.

Perhaps this was the motivation she needed to get closer to him. Lord knew he had tried. He had made it clear that he wanted to deepen their relationship, becoming exclusive to one another. Neither one had dated anyone else, but he wanted it official. She smiled, thinking that his patience had finally won off.

After one final pass of her brush through her hair, Casey runs out to meet Alex at his apartment. He said something about late dinner reservations and asked her to arrive a few hours before that. She liked evenings like that. For some reason, she preferred eating later on the weekends and being over at his place earlier would give them time to catch up and hang out a bit beforehand.

She had no sooner raised her hand to his door when it opened, his messy brown curls greeting her.

Casey chuckled as she gently rapped on his head. “Anyone home?”

“Har har har,” Alex said with a smirk, as he grabbed her hand and pulled her close. “Hi.”

“Hi yourself, handsome,” Casey whispered, her eyes flickered to his bare chest and back up to his face. “Look at you, all dressed up,” she teased.

Alex blushed and wrapped his other arm around her, leaning his head down to kiss her. Casey rested her hands on his smooth chest, feeling his heart begin to beat faster as they kissed. Her own heart kept up, racing right along with him. Slowly, Alex pulled her into his apartment and shoved the door closed. Casey used her foot to give it one final kick to make sure the latch caught.

This wasn’t what she had planned to happen when she arrived at his apartment, but she certainly wasn’t going to complain. They could talk later.

Their kissing continued as they traveled through his apartment, their hands roaming and caressing. Casey felt this electric-like connection with Alex that she had never felt before. It was like her body was on fire. Along the way, Alex pushed Casey up against the wall of the hallway and kissed her so deeply, it was like a bomb went off, so white hot that it was like their bodies evaporated; only leaving their bones. Turned out the only thing that disappeared was their clothing.

By the time they reached his bedroom, Casey had her legs wrapped around Alex’s waist and they were both thrusting against one another. It was a rather awkward procession but their bodies demanded the friction. When Alex reached his bed, he quickly sat down, bringing Casey down as well, the movement being just right for him to slip inside her.

They both laughed when they realized what happened.

“I couldn’t do that again if I tried,” he said hoarsely, deep into the sensations of her surrounding him.

“I think trying could be half the fun,” Casey replied as she rolled her hips. “Now where were we?”

Alex grinned and rolled her over onto the mattress, determined to have as much fun as possible.

They spent the rest of their time before dinner much in that matter, working up an appetite for their late evening meal. Casey had a feeling they would both need all the nourishment they could get once she told him what had been going on with her ... and how she felt about him. After that, maybe round two.