Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kimmydon Week 35


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AN: Anal play. Hope that doesn't turn you completely off.
I lay on the pool deck beside Beth. It was the first day we’d spend at the resort. I’d joined her for half of her hikes, lazed in bed for some, on the beach for others, but I’d managed to keep up with her for most of them.

She was loving it here. Sure, she complained once in a while that it was too hot and humid, usually when trying to sleep, but otherwise, she’d donned her khaki shorts and Lycra sports top and never looked back. Apparently she’d even climbed a tree, returning with the fruit to prove it.

I didn’t like that part - worried that she’d hurt herself. Other than a few scrapes from the tree, she was fine, radiant in fact. There was a definite glow to her that went beyond the different light here.

Morning sickness hadn’t bothered her much. She’d only been sick a few times. Generally, she just had no appetite in the morning, feeling nauseous for hours, and then ravenous when it passed. She had lost a little weight, which worried her and the doctor, but that had levelled off again. Everyone expected she would be gaining weight soon, as the baby grew.

Rolling to the side, I watched her doze, wearing her bikini top for the first time today. She had gone for the one-piece when snorkeling.

“I can feel you watching me,” she murmured, a smile breaking out. She shielded her eyes before opening them. “I thought you wanted to nap.”

“I thought I did, too.” I rolled further, one knee on the deck, one on her lounge, propping myself up to kiss her. “I think I’d like to move our nap somewhere more private.”

She giggled and turned on her side. “I think I can lead us somewhere.” She kissed me again before rising. I followed her out of the resort and down a path. She grabbed my hips and spun, putting her back to one of the trees. We weren’t far off the path, but the tree more blocked our view of it, and us from anyone on it. It was more than enough for me. Grabbing her thigh, I lifted it to my hip, opposite hand bracing the tree beside her head.

“Peter,” she murmured, closing her eyes for a moment.

“Yes, mistress?” I teased, kissing her throat and rubbing myself along her.

She groaned before pushing me away slightly. Ducking under my arm, she slipped out from between me and the tree. Her palms pressed on my shoulder blades, pushing me into the bark she had rested on.

“Trust me,” she whispered in my ear, and her hands were on my hips easing my shorts down. Her lips kissed each of my cheeks as I stepped out of them, not sure what she planned, but knowing it would be good. There was a small snap, and it took will power not to turn and see what she was doing. She didn’t need to tell me not to look anymore. I’d had more than enough punishments for that. I licked my lips, wondering if it might not be worth a peek.

Before I could make up my mind, my backside burned and loud thwack filled the air. Whatever she was using was broader than the crop, more like the paddle. I groaned and thrust my hips out a little further, my eyes squeezed shut. Another crack and another spank made them circle. I opened my eyes looking under my arm at her.

She was everything I’d ever dreamed. This sight was familiar now. Beth, her mouth spread in a wide grin, implement in hand, tapping it on her palm, counting seconds between strokes. The count was up, and another blow landed on my ass. I cried between clenched teeth this time, arms tightening as I held myself up.

There was more rustling, and when I looked this time, she was naked; her bikini atop my shorts. That was all the time I had before another blow of the frond landed on me. I’d gotten a look at it now, the long stem with green at it’s tip. I think she’d hoped that would slap well, but sadly, it didn’t. The center was doing just fine though as I thrust toward the tree again with a groan.

“I forgot to make you count,” she murmured, her hand on my very hot skin, fingers pointing down, curling under the cheek. “Oh well, next time. She lifted her hand and brought it down again. I thought I would die. Nothing felt as good as her hand.

“Beth,” I said through clenched teeth.

“Yes, Peter?” she asked, tipping her head to my eye level, I wasn’t standing straight at all anymore. “More?” Another palm on the other cheek. Then she disappeared behind me and her lips replaced her hand. She passed them gently over my skin, barely touching, making me all the more sensitive...

I nearly fell when she hit me next, knees buckling. I felt her hands grasp my hips, hauling them up. “Whoa. Break time,” she declared, holding her hips against mine, her skin cool where mine burned. Reaching around she fondled me, and I was able to straighten a little, enough to twist.

She stretched along my back and met my lips with her own. “Thank you for this,” she said. “A wonderful Christmas present.”

I chuckled. “I’m enjoying it.”

She laughed heartily. “I can see that!” She stroked my length again, squeezing harder. My eyes closed and found her ginning again when they opened. She licked a finger and I shuddered, knowing what she planned.

She didn’t miss the response and paused. “No?”

I shook my head. “Not no. God, what you do to me....” I bent one elbow and put my head to it against the tree. She grinned and ran that finger down the crack in my ass, making it come up again as I arched. She dropped me to grab my hair, pulling it back as she passed over my asshole again, continuing up my spine.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

“As you wish,” she said, kissing my ear. Her finger pressed against my asshole, tapping and circling until I relaxed. She released my hair and I rested it on my arm again, breathing deeply.

That did it, and I was suddenly tense again as her finger barely poked in. She held my length again and stroked as she turned her finger slowly, pushing and pulling so slightly.

“Do you like that?” she asked, her finger gone and a palm smacking my cheek in its place, making it sting again. My legs shook, but held. She was quick to start teasing my asshole again.

“Do I make you feel half this good?” I asked, tensing as she pushed a little deeper into me.

“Twice,” she said, kissing my back. Licking down my spine, I arched, thrusting into her hand, feeling my balls tucking up into me. I was so close. “You make me fall apart.”

“I’m falling apart,” I told her, hips rocking back, driving her finger into me, further than I expected. She twisted and I lost it. Pumping against her hand, she held tight, not letting me move and I screamed in frustration.

“I get to say when,” she whispered, pulling out slightly. “Now,” she declared, sliding her hand over me and pushing in once more.

“God, Beth,” I moaned as I blew my load over the bark of the tree.

I turned, once I was steady, and knelt in front of her. “What would you like, mistress?” I asked, ready to reciprocate in any way she desired.

She smiled. “Actually, I think I’d like to find somewhere else.” She bent and passed me my shorts. “Walk with me?”

Sighing, I nodded. This was the discipline part that was so hard. The hardest order to follow was the one to wait.

She led me along the trail, taking a fork I hadn’t gone down before. “Isn’t it lovely?” she asked, pointing to a tree-house ahead. Her fingers wrapped around mine and we stepped nearer. It had a ramp of rungs leading up to it and nothing barring entrance. “It’s public,” she said as I paused. “It was on my tour - somewhere to escape the rain. Though I don’t know why anyone would want to escape it.” I followed her up and paused just inside the door.

From the outside, it had been obvious that it was one room, but it wasn’t this room. This was Grandma Nettie and Grandpa Dave’s trailer, the one they took to Florida before buying the condo. I turned, looking for Beth, but she was gone.

Had I fallen asleep? This had to be some sort of dream.

“No dream, Pete. Vision, maybe.” I turned to the familiar voice, and saw Sarah. She had her hands on her hips, looking at me impatiently. “Which means it’s short. Pay attention.” She snapped her fingers and I straightened.

“Baby or Beth?” she asked.

“What?!” What on earth was she asking?

“Baby or Beth,” she said again, looking at her nails.

“Are you real?” I asked, still not quite believing. I could smell cigarette smoke, either from her or the trailer. I reached out and touched the filmy black top she wore. It felt real.

“I’m running out of time here, Pete,” she said with an exasperated sigh. “That baby starts thinking soon. I’m not asking life or death, just pick one. Baby or Beth?”

“Beth,” I said, still not sure what she was asking.

She smiled. “Good boy. Can’t wait.”

Reality seemed to pop like a bubble and my hand was laced with Beth’s again. We stood in the entrance of the little tree-house. I was happy to take a seat. Beth sat beside me, concern etched on her features.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, pulling our hands into her lap and stroking mine.

I shook my head at first, not sure how to articulate. “I saw... Sarah.” I held my free hand to my head, feeling shaky.

Beth’s hand stopped. “Here?” she asked. “Why here?” She looked around the small room, puzzled.

I appreciated that she didn’t assume I was crazy, just started looking for what might trigger a memory. “I love you,” I murmured, pulling my hand free to hug her tightly.

She sighed into my shoulder. “I love you, too. What did she say?” she asked as I released her.

“Baby or Beth. I don’t know why she wanted me to choose, or what I was choosing for. She just said I had to hurry.” I brought my head up sharply, remembering clearly. “She said the baby would be thinking soon.”

Beth grinned, touching her belly. The pouch there had actually gotten smaller, but would start growing soon. “Thinking,” she mused. “Wonder if she’ll be as much of a smart-ass as me.”

“The world hopes not,” I told her kissing her nose. She chuckled. “I picked you.”

Her smile softened. “Thank you.”

I shrugged. “I have to pick you. I need you.”

She leaned into me. “I need you, too. There may be other babies, though I hope nothing happens to this one. There is only one Peter.”

“And only one Beth.” I kissed her temple and then started down her neck, along her shoulder.

“Follow me.” Her voice was husky and I wondered what orders she would have once she led us somewhere private.

“Can’t wait,” Sarah’s voice seemed to say again as we left.