Sunday, January 2, 2011

Destinee Week 32: Diary or Tumblr?

Destiny Cullen

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Destiny Cullen’s Choice: Both

Diary or Tumblr?

I pulled out my favorite purple pen and the opened the cover of my new diary.

What was I thinking?

The first sentence in my diary. I know you’re wondering why those would be my first four words. Well, let me enlighten you.


Six Months Earlier

“Alma you’re always writing stuff down in your little notebook over there. Whats so important you have to write it down?” Jocelyn asked.

I was almost tempted to ignore her but I knew she would just take my notebook away and read it herself. “Same thing other people on Twitter and Facebook believe. Our thoughts are important enough to write down and share with the world. But with me I cut out the share with the world part.”

Jocelyn giggled. “Girl you really should start an Internet diary. But anyway you remember Zane right? Well he is throwing a party in two weeks! And all the Seniors are invited!” She made baby eyes at me and with a sigh I closed my notebook and gave her my full attention.

“You have to come with me! Besides I’m your best friend and I’m just bitchy enough to steal your notebook and post copies all around school.”

I rolled my eyes and nodded. “You have tied my hands Jocelyn.” She pulled me up in a hug and spouted about all the things we were going to do at the party. “By the way Alma, you should really think about starting a computer diary so I can’t threaten you anymore.” She smirked and walked toward the parking lot as the last bell of the day rang.

I groaned thinking of the crap Jocelyn would make me wear. After the thirty minute drive to my house I threw my stuff in my room and jumped on my bed with my laptop. With Tumblr open I decided to start a private blog that would act as my diary.

I zoomed past all those stupid screens that ask you your name, email, gender, and where in the world you live. I laughed to myself as I wrote ‘Atlantis’ as my hometown. About twenty pages and one and half energy drinks later I was on my last page.

“Thank god! What ever happened to the good old days where you just had to fill out one page and boom you’re done?”

I rolled my eyes as they asked me if I wanted to keep it private or not, but of course only after ten billion ads and rapid clicking on my part I was finished! I took a deep breath and took a glance at the clock on the bottom of the screen.

“What? Only five minutes passed? I think my clock is busted!” I tapped it annoyed.

I rolled my head in a circle and popped my knuckles ready to start my new Internet diary. I wrote my personal thoughts and a few of poem and pictures that inspired them. After a few hours of that I sat back thinking it wasn’t that bad.

My days after school and the rare weekend where Jocelyn would let me stay at home. During the two weeks I got a hang of the format layout and how I wanted everything to look like. But I was confused when something popped up a few days after I created ‘Alma’s Crazy Corner’. I remember something about follower flashing across the screen before I pressed the big red X.

But tonight was the night of Zane’s party. I sighed and looked at the clock impulsively. “Great only two hours to write, shower, and have Jocelyn dress me like a doll.”

Taking another deep breath I brought my fingers on the keyboard and started to write about my day and how I loathed to go to a stupid party that no one would even do more than try to get into my pants. After my rant I posted it to my dashboard and closed down my computer awaiting my best friend from hell to arrive.

As if on cue she threw open my door yelling at me for not already being in the shower and washing the nerd look off. As if my glasses and beanie would ruin the fun at the party. Besides being pessimistic I smiled and jumped into the shower and when I got out I was on full auto pilot.

When she was done ‘fixing me up’ I glanced at myself in the mirror and I was little disappointed that I didn’t look like myself. I looked more like a high priced hooker.

“You like?” Jocelyn asked clearly proud of herself. “Um, yeah I look beautiful thank you so much Jay.” I gave a genuine fake smile and she swallowed it down as if nothing was wrong. She pulled me into a tight hug. “Now lets go! We can only be thirty minutes to an hour late!”

I tried to get into the spirit but I couldn’t so on the drive there I thought of really good excuses to to leave. Dog ate my homework? No that is for chemistry class! The biggest migraine/stomach ache ever? Works like a charm! I grinned as I figured out the perfect escape plan.

Jocelyn pulled up to the huge mansion looking house with teenagers out in the lawn holding red plastic cups with various alcoholic beverages inside. Once we got into the house the feeling that I had grew tighter in my stomach. You know the feeling. The feeling where you know you don’t belong here, it’s not your ‘scene’.

Once we hit the crowd in the living room the jocks swarmed onto Jocelyn for attention. I broke away looking for a familiar face either from English or Art Club. Lord knows I should be praying for someone to talk to that has something smart or witty to say.

“Alma?” I groaned and didn’t stop. I don’t want to pry off heavy, sweaty, beefy hands off my newly found cleavage.

“Alma is that you?”

“Yes!” I yelled without turning around. “Before you even try I don’t want to have sex with you and I don’t even want to be here right now.” I started to walk again when the guy behind me started to laugh.

“Always the same Alma, I was surprised to find you here.”

I narrowed my eyes and turned on my heel to ask this guy to nicely fuck off. But then I caught sight of his familiar hazel eyes and my breath caught in my throat.

“Yeah it’s me.” He smiled and brought his arms up for me to hug him and I ran into them to tackle hug him to the ground. But dismissing that fact that it was impossible since he was built like a college football player!

“Where the hell have you been Viktor?! I haven’t seen you since eighth grade, and man have you filled out!” I looked down from his eyes down his body noticing his sun kissed skin and the way the shirt hugged his defined chest.

“I could say the same thing about you Alma.” I smirked giving me the same look over. I flushed but recovered quickly. “What are you doing here in Tucson? I thought you had to move to Alabama.”

He smiled, apparently happy that I remembered him and where he went. “I did but we moved back my senior year since my Dad got another job here in town.” I hugged him again so happy that my best friend all through grade school was back with me.

“When did you get back? Why didn’t you stop by my house or call? You know we never change our number.” I giggled. He got a huge grin on his face and brought his lips to my ear to whisper, “I just flew in tonight.”

My eyes almost popped out of my skull. “What do you mean you just flew in? How did you know I was here? How did you even know how to get here?”

“There is a thing called Tumblr that you use religiously.” I narrowed my eyes. “Wait, you couldn’t of read my Tumblr it’s on private.” Viktor’s eyes held a smile and pure honesty. Then it registered, my diary was never private! And worst of all Viktor read all of my post and emo poems!

“You read everything? Even the stupid poems and entries about..” He put his finger to my lips to silence me. “My favorite is the one called Where I Lay.” I looked at him dumbfounded.

“I think I love you.” I blurted then flushed a bright red.

He laughed and pulled me into a hug. “How about we get out of here? This doesn’t really seem like the place you’d come willingly.” I shook my head. “My former best friend over there,” I pointed to Jay surrounded by guys. “Forced me or else she’d steal my diary.”

He wrapped his arm over my shoulders and guided me outside. “Let go to our jungle gym hang out. Want to stop by your house to change? You don’t look like yourself or very comfy.”

I beamed up at him, “I missed my best friend.” “And I missed you too” He leaned down and laid a soft kiss on my cheek.


So now that you know what I meant by my first four words I repeat myself. What was I thinking about replacing my best friend Viktor for someone who doesn’t accept me as I am?

But it has been six months since Viktor and I were reunited and five months since we were declared a official couple. But I got to go now, I got a hot boyfriend to go visit before we have to walk down the football field to grab our diplomas. Ta-ta dairy!