Sunday, January 30, 2011

Destynee Week 36: Trainer

Destiny Cullen

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Destiny Cullen’s Choice: Picture 2


“Please, please I’m so sorry, just don’t let me die!” Derrick yelled from the rooftop holding on for his life.

“You brought this upon yourself. You could of saved your life but chose to sleep around.” Her voice was deathly clam as she looked down at Derrick struggling to get back on the roof. The fear in his eyes made her smile as she walked closer to the edge to get a good look into his beautiful horrified face.

“Please,” he sobbed as he failed to pull his body over the ledge. “I’m sorry Shawna, I shouldn’t have.”

A cruel sound came out of her mouth. “You should of thought of that before you-” Suddenly Derrick’s yell sounded in the air as he fell off the roof. Shawna gasped as she looked down and saw him hit the safety net and she released the breath she was holding.

“Cut!” The director yelled as a bell went off. He threw down the script and stalked over to the safety net.

“What the hell, Roberts? You were supposed to hold on until she was done with her line. You fall prematurely one more time and you are out of Hollywood for good you hear me? For good!”

Derrick sighed and nodded in response. It didn’t matter to the director that he had been holding on to that ledge for over four hours, just that the fat cat wouldn’t get his ‘perfect shot’. He was new to Hollywood and all their expectations, but he was learning quickly. He rolled off of the net and walked over to his co-stars trailer.

“Hey Shawna, you in here?”

“Derrick I told you to call me Cassie. I’m only Shawna in the script.” Her voice sounded irritated and he was rethinking his apology when she set her death glare on him.

“You’re a really cute kid. You could be the new star, the new Brad Pitt, but you need to stop messing up the scenes. Maybe consider working with a personal trainer some more to work on your endurance? You need to get back on Cameron’s good side and fast. If the rumors are true about James, you’d better be ready by next week’s shoot or else you’ll be out of work and no one will hire you in the United States. You’d be lucky if Canada would risk hiring you even for modeling.”

Derrick sighed not wanting to think about not having a job. He already knew what it was like to go without food for a week or two and not have a stable house to live in. This was supposed to bring home the bacon so to speak, but he’d really put his foot in it this time.

“Thanks, Cassie. See you next week.” She mumbled her goodbyes and Derrick was off to find a personal trainer that would train him in less than a week and wouldn’t have rates charging thousands per hour.

Once he got into his beat down apartment, he pulled out his outdated laptop and looked up personal trainers in the Hollywood area with cheap rates. He spent hours looking through the listings for an accredited trainer as well as one that had the same concept of cheap as he did. After four hours of searching, he found Kay’s Gym who’s rates were perfect.

Twenty minutes later, he reached Kay’s Gym. It wasn’t in exactly the best part of town, but it was what he had to work with. He looked up at the decrepit building and wondered if the building was even in business anymore. His question was answered when a group of people came out laughing and joking with each other. He sighed and walked inside looking for Kay, he’d get him into shape and fast. It was his online guarantee.

If I can’t get you into the shape you want in a week then your money back and you can have the deed to my business.

Of course, the fine print said that the shape you are hoping to attain has to be realistic. Derrick wasn’t worried about that since he was already in adequate shape, he just needed to train to keep up his endurance for gruesome scenes like he did today. He walked up to the desk and asked for Kay. The person there directed him to go to the office in the back of the gym.

He knocked on the door, but there wasn’t any answer. He sighed and walked back to the desk at the front. “Are you sure Kay is in? I knocked but no one answered.” The worker popped her gum and stuck her tongue out seductively to check if any gum was on her lips.

“I’m sure Kay isn’t busy right now. You can just walk in.” She arched her back so Derrick could notice her breasts almost popping out of her shirt. “If Kay is busy, I can help you waste time while Kay gets things settled.”

Derrick plastered on the fake smile he used on camera and chuckled. “Thanks for your help.” As he turned away all he could do was pray that Kay was in. Otherwise, he would have to find another way out of here. He reached the office and turned the knob, walking in slowly and looking for the trainer.

“Hello?” His voice rang in the silence, and he began to lose hope in finding Kay and start searching out an emergency exit when he spotted a woman sitting at the desk in the corner doing paperwork with her iPod on. Derrick cleared his throat and tried to get the woman’s attention. “Excuse me? Ma’am?” He walked closer to the desk and she jumped up surprise, levelling a shotgun at his chest.

“Whoa,” he said putting his hands up. “I just came here to talk to Kay. I needed to talk to him about being my personal trainer.” She glared at me as she pulled the buds from her ears, but didn’t lower the gun from its current target.

“You said you want to talk to him?” She said with a hard tone.

“Um, yes?” He couldn’t really think straight with the gun aimed at him. “You mind putting that down and telling me where he is?”

She scoffed and lowered the shotgun down and put it beside her. “She is right here.” Oh crap.

“Kay, as in Kay’s Gym.” “Kachine, Kay for short.” She narrowed her eyes. He wasn’t getting off to a good start. He wracked his brain for anything. “I’m sorry I assumed-”

“What do you want? I assume you came in here for a reason.”

“I actually came here to ask you to be my trainer. I’m working on a movie right now and I need to work on a few things or else there goes my job, and career.” He said looking into her sparkling hazel eyes.

“What exactly are you looking for? More muscle build?
Endurance?” She said with a snicker.

“Actually, yes, I need help with endurance. I had to hang on the side of a building for almost four hours and I almost got canned for falling on the last scene today.”

She took a deep breath and looked down at her schedule and relaxed her stance. “I can train you from two till eight o’clock at night. If that doesn’t fit in your calendar than you have to find a new trainer.” Derrick nodded and reached his hand over to the desk waiting for her to take it but she just stared at it.

“You’re not going to want to be too friendly, I’m going to work you until you want to quit.” Instead of dropping his hand he ran it through his hair nervous.

“Well, thanks.” She just nodded and went back to her paper work on the desk. “Your training starts tomorrow. Don’t be late.” She said before he closed the door.

Twelve hours and a few stretches later, he was out the door and on his way to the gym. His shoulders killed him from yesterday, but nothing he couldn’t handle. Knowing how he left things with Kachine yesterday, she wouldn’t take pity on him today. She’d probably take joy in making him suffer.

He pushed through the doors and saw Kachine dancing in the ring against a man three times bigger than her. His eyes bugged and he ran toward the ring as the man took a swing at her. To his surprise, she dodged his blow and landed two quick jabs to his kidneys. He fell like a sack of potatoes.

“Thanks for that work out, Doug. See you tomorrow at noon.” She smiled as she helped him up. He was awestruck by her image in the ring. Her perfectly tan body only few were blessed had a light sheen of sweat as she shook out her long black hair out of a ponytail just to put it back into a tighter one. Her beautiful face had the features of an Indian princess and he was consumed by her until she broke him out of the trance.

“Are you ready, newbie?” She had a challenging smirk on her face.

He smirked back at her rolling his arms to loosen them up. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

She chuckled and waved him into the ring. “Basic moves today, you don’t get gloves until tomorrow, and then only if you’re ready for the fun stuff.” He nodded ready to work when she started circling him.

“Do ten laps around the outside of the gym then meet me back here.” She jumped out of the ring and headed to her office. She turned to look over her shoulder and sent me a dark look as I jumped off to start my laps. When I was finished, she was waiting in the middle of the ring with a water bottle and a punching bag.

“Here. Drink this and loosen up on this punching bag. I have to make sure you already have the muscle development to go straight to your endurance training.” Derrick nodded as he gulped most of the water down.

“One, two punch. I want to see how your frame is.” He smirked knowing this was his best area. He trained in his basement back home since he was thirteen. At sixteen he already had a six pack and the girls loved it when he would go swimming.

“Are you going easy on me, Kachine?” He laughed as he punched the bag in a steady rhythm.

“Care for something harder?” She asked innocently. He looked over his shoulder at her but that sudden shift in focus cost him dearly. As his left arm aimed for the bag, it slipped and caused his shoulder to get pulled and instant pain radiated up his arm.

“Shit!” Derrick yelled grabbing his shoulder. Kachine ran to his side and pressed her fingers lightly to his back. “You need to come to my office. I will have massage it or you wont be able to use at all in the next six months.” She ran to her office to get the supplies ready. When he walked inside, she had a massage table set up.

“Wow, you really are prepared,” he murmured.

“I was a massage therapist before I became a personal trainer, so I know my stuff.” She smiled then looked at the table. “You need to take off your shirt and lay face down on the table so I can work my magic.”

“Magic hands, eh?” He laughed at he saw a light blush swept across her face.

“Just shut up and lay down.” He did as he was told. To say she had magic hands was the understatement of the year. Once her hands touched his shoulder, all he felt was pleasure. He could feel his muscles relaxing and the shoulder pain eased dramatically.

Derrick suddenly woke up when he heard Kachine’s voice from outside the office. He must of dozed off. He was starting to rise when he heard his name come out of Kachine’s mouth.

“What do you mean you are going to train him? I heard he was blacklisted by Mr. Cameron.”

“You choose your customers and I will choose mine. James Cameron has no say in who I train. Besides, he gave Derrick another chance for the shoot next week,” she said with a defensive tone.

“He only gave him a second chance to prove to Hollywood that they can’t hire a fuck up like him. He is saying that he is going to have him on a nine hour shoot, basically hanging from a beam. You can’t train him for that in only six days. You’re going to risk your gym on this? Your whole life on one kid? Please think about what you are doing before you destroy your life along with his.”

Derrick couldn’t hear anymore as they headed for the front entrance. He sighed and put on his shirt, he didn’t need to drag her into this mess. Before he got his shirt on, Kachine walked back in smiling. “So sleepyhead is awake.”

Derrick couldn’t muster a smile. “You don’t have to train me. I don’t want you to lose everything for me.”

She narrowed her eyes. “You heard me talking out there.” He nodded even though it wasn’t a question. “Well you should know that you’re getting twenty more laps tomorrow morning. And you should also know that I’m changing your hours to nine to six, and if I feel like it nine to nine. We got some work to do.” With that she walked out leaving him with hope.

Those six days were the hardest he has ever faced. Kachine pushed him to the brink each day, but at the end of each session he’d get a killer massage and feel even better in the morning after his rest. During the sessions, Kachine was warming up to him; last night he even had the courage to kiss her. Of course, she just smirked and told him to get a good rest because he had a long day ahead of him.

Now that he was on set with Cassie and the dickface director, he was missing Kachine. He hoped she would find the note he left in the cabinet where she left her shotgun, as well as the one he left on the punching bags, massage table, and on her office door. She was bound to see one right?

The starting bell rang and he was on top of the roof hanging on for his career as well as for the thick paycheck awaiting for him. Once he got to cash it, he’d take Kachine to dinner and maybe a movie. His mind was lost most of the day, his body not even registering the strain after seven hours.

The last bell rang for the day, and he brought himself up to the roof. “Wow, you really did it, Roberts. You really did it. I guess you really are going to be the next Brad Pitt.” Cassie hugged him and headed down. All Derrick could do was look off into the setting sun and wish Kachine was here to see his success. It was all because of her.

“I personally think you’d be more of a Kellan Lutz, maybe a Ryan Reynolds.” He smirked as he turned and found her there looking up at him. “You did it. Does that mean I won’t be seeing your cocky ass at my gym anymore?”

Derrick closed the space between them and lifted his hand to cup her delicate face. “You’re going to see me a lot more. More than you’d like.” He pressed his lips against her silky ones and got lost in the feel of her.

They would of kissed all night up there if he wasn’t interrupted by his agent clearing his throat.

“I hope there is a good reason that guy is intruding on my kissing time with you.”

Derrick chuckled and looked at his agent. “What is up, Charles?”

“You’ve just been offered sixteen titles and many more photo shoots. I needed to congratulate you as well as get your approval on them.”

“I’ll get back to you tomorrow. I need to go train with my personal trainer for a few hours.” He smirked down at Kachine and knew she agreed with what he had planned.

“I didn’t bring my oils for the after massage.” She saw desire light in his eyes and he leaned down into her ear.

“Don’t worry, I have some oils at my house, but you won’t be using them tonight. I’ll be using them on you.” He whispered as lifted her up into his arms and from there he would take her to his house where they wouldn’t leave for many pleasurable hours.