Sunday, January 16, 2011

Destinee Week 34: Rainy Day

Destiny Cullen

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Rainy Day

“You’re really not coming?” I pouted through the phone as I walked out into the backyard.
“I’d promise to make it, but I don’t think I can make myself magically appear into our bedroom.” I smiled as he mimicked the fairy godmother off of Cinderella. “Bibbity Bobbity-”

“Babe, I get it,” I said through my laughter.

“I thought I really had it that time.” I could hear the smile on his face. “I’ll try to make it as fast as I can, Jenna. Love you.” I smiled as he made kissing noises.

“Stop making out with the phone, you might crash.” I laughed.

“I’m watching the road. I want to actually hold you when I get home.” He chuckled. I smiled and looked up at the rare gray clouds filling the sky.

“I love you, Nixon. Call me when you finally enter our lovely state of Arizona.”

After we hung up, I sighed, looking at the phone and wishing he really could just appear. I hadn’t seen him in two years. He got accepted to NYU, and as his girlfriend for four years then, I couldn’t tell him to stay in our small town of only eighteen hundred.

He left after lots of reassurance and death threats. It didn’t make the separation easier, but I knew it was what was best for him. Despite all the gossip in town, Nixon and I had our relationship intact. I smiled, thinking about all the late night phone calls or the long video chats on Skype we had.

“Jenna! Get your ass inside. The decorations are rebelling!” my friend Adrienne yelled from inside the house.

“Adri! I told you no decorations. You know Nixon doesn’t want any flair.” I said out on a sigh as I walking in on Adrienne trying to hang something from the ceiling.

I covered my face with my hand. “Adri?” She grunted in response. “What are you hanging from the roof?”

“Oh it’s just a ‘Welcome Home Shitface’ banner.” I narrowed my eyes at her as she smirked over her shoulder.

“Adri, you better be joking.” She laughed and stepped down from the ladder and put her hands on her hips.

“Girl you better be joking thinking you are going to look like that when you’re boyfriend for six years, two of which he was gone, comes home.”

I rolled my eyes. “He loves me no matter -” She cut me off with a finger in the air and she raised her eyebrows.

“If you say ’how you look’ I will bitch slap you because that is what best friends do.” I glared at her playfully. Adrienne really had too much attitude and flair for our whole town, she should have been born in New York, or maybe Vegas.

Once Adri maneuvered me into my bedroom and the shower, she left only to give me a false sense of hope that she was going to let me bathe in peace. “You must know you are my best friend who else would I share my five hundred dollar body wash with?”

She suddenly opened the shower curtain and I gasped and covered myself the best I could with my hands and soap suds.

“What the hell Adri?!”

“Oh please.” She rolled her eyes. “Its not like you don’t have anything I don’t. I just wanted to tell you not to use all of the body scrub.”

She closed the curtain and I rolled my eyes as I opened her jar of black goop. I put some on my skin and it felt really weird.

“Caviar body scrub is hard to come across.” I froze and dropped the jar.

“What kind of body scrub did you give me?!” I heard her laugh and close the door.

Several repeats of scrubbing my skin with my wash rag later, I emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me.

“Looking good there, so fresh and radiant.” I glared at her and was about to yell at her and denounce her as my friend when my phone started ringing.

I ran as fast as I could to pick up my phone in the living room. “Hello?” I said breathless. I heard his chuckle.

“Am I interrupting something?” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Yeah, you’re cutting into Adri’s torture time.” I said trying to be mad, but once he laughed again I couldn’t be. “Are you almost home?” I asked.

“Almost, I just passed the famous Entering Phoenix sign. Just about an hour or so and I’ll be there in your arms babe.” A grin spread across my face picturing his warm hug enveloping me.

“Whoa!” I heard him shout out of nowhere and a chill rain over my body.

“Are you okay? What happened?” There was a lot of rustling then his voice came back on the line.

“It’s raining pretty bad, the roads are really slick and people are drifting into my lane.”

“I’ll let you go then. I love you, Nixon, and please be careful.”

“Always baby.”

I dropped the phone and walked back into the room, glancing out the side window to see the darkness of night intensifying the gloom of the black storm clouds.

“This is crazy, when does it ever rain this hard in Arizona?” Adri said from the window. The rain bashed harder against the window seeming to prove a point.

“Yeah, Nixon just called. he is on the I-10 just past Phoenix. He said that people were swerving into his lane and he had to go.” I rubbed my arms suddenly getting cold.

“Well it is Arizona, we don’t know how to drive in the rain.” Adrienne said trying to lighten the mood. She tried to get my mind off of the storm and the sick feeling in my gut that something bad was going to happen.

“Come on Jenna, stop staring at the wall like that. If you keep on acting like Eyore for no reason, I’m going to pour more caviar body scrub on you.”

I jumped up and put on whatever she put in front of me; my worry was not worth getting caviar thrown on me. About thirty minutes and five pounds of make up, lotion, and perfume later, she was done with me and I finally got to put on the TV. Biggest mistake of my life.

“The 38 car pile up on I-10 is the worst we have seen in thirty years. I don’t know how many casualties we have just yet but word is that we have five people dead already. This is Lisa Zahn from KOVA reporting live from Phoenix, back to you in the studio.”

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think. I felt Adri pull me into a hug but I hardly felt her. I pushed her away running for the phone, tears stinging my eyes. “No, no he is fine. I know he is. I know…” I called his phone five times but each time it went to voicemail.

My head got light and my vision blurry. The last thing I saw was the floor rushing up to meet my face.


I woke up to Adrienne standing over me with a worried but pissed off face such as she gets when she’s scared. I lifted myself up from the couch I was laying on and regretted it.

“What Adri? What the hell happen-” I remembered the news and my eyes instantly started to tear up. “Have you heard anything yet?” I said shockingly calm.

She put her hand on mine, “I don’t want you to be left alone tonight, Jenna.” I narrowed my eyes at her.

“What did you hear Adri? What are you not telling me?” She avoided my gaze and I stood up making her look at me. “Tell me.”

Adri took a deep breath and whispered, “I really don’t want you to be alone. I heard on the news that they found a twenty year old male in a black car with New York plates.”

It took all I had not to break down. “I’ll be alright Adri, you can go home. You know how I hate to be treated like a child.”

“Jenn, please. I want to stay here with you, she pleaded.

I shook my head. “I want to be alone, I’m not going to kill myself and you know it. Now leave me alone or I’m going to call Jerry at the station and have him take you home.”

“Fine, but I’m going to check up on you tonight, even if you call your contacts at the police station.” She gave me a look that said if I did anything she didn’t like she’d call Jerry herself.

Once Adrienne was out of the house, I couldn’t hold in my tears in anymore. It seemed like every muscle in my body was tight with the pain of loss. My movements were stiff, but I made it to my bedroom and flopped on the bed a big heap of tears.

I must have passed out because when I woke up I felt Adri’s hand feeling my forehead and running her hand through my hair tenderly. A new round of tears began to fall as I remembered Nixon doing that every time he woke up beside me.

I heard her go to the bathroom and drop something that sounded like a bag in there. I sat up from the bed, trying to see through my big puffy swollen eyes.

“Adri what did I say? Leave me alone, I want to be ALONE. Please look up privacy in the dictionary on the way out.” I glared at her figure coming out of the bathroom, shielding my eyes from the burning light.

“I can always come back in the morning.”

My heart stopped beating. I ran toward the figure and almost tackled him to the ground.

He started laughing, “I thought I was the one who got the football scholarship.”

“Oh, just shut up and hug me!”

I buried my face in his chest as he chuckled and rubbed my back soothingly. “I thought you were gone.” I whispered as the last of my tears fell.

“I promised I’d come back to you didn’t I?”

I looked into his eyes and smiled. “You haven’t broken one before.”

He lifted me up and placed me on the bed next to him. “I don’t plan on it.” He smiled and pulled something out of his pocket placing it in my hand. “I remember promising you something back in eighth grade.” My hands were shaking, and I looked up at him with my eyes wide.

“I told you that once I was a big football star, I was going to marry you. Well, I got an offer from the San Diego Chargers to be their new quarterback. I know how much you love this little town, but would you like to start a life, a family with me on the beaches of California?”

“I will Nixon,” I said, bringing him into a passionate kiss. He smiled as we pulled away and then he opened the box and took the beautiful diamond out, sliding it into place on my left finger, where it would stay the rest of my life.