Sunday, January 23, 2011

Destynee Week 35: My Muse

Destiny Cullen

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Destiny Cullen’s Choice: Both

My Muse

“What is that?” Jaxon said bored.

“What does it look like?” Jenn said as she waved the flier for photography and design in his line of sight. “Jaxon you need to stop being a lazy bum and get back to taking pictures again!”

Jaxon groaned not wanting to get into this fight again. “Jenn you know why I don’t take pictures anymore. End of story.” She placed her hands on her hips and he knew he was in for one of her rants again. Jenn has been his friend since second grade but sometimes she didn’t know when to leave things alone.

“Just because Darl-” Jaxon covered her mouth with his hand. “Don’t say her name, Jennifer.
She narrowed her eyes at the use of her full name. He smirked down at her with satisfaction.
She murmured something against his hand but he couldn’t understand it. “What is that you said, Jennifer?” She glared at him and licked the inside of his palm and he released her at once.

“I said call me Jennifer one more time and I’ll bite your hand off.” He scoffed wiping his hand on her shirt. “More like lick my hand off.”

“Jaxon,” she said getting serious again. “Just because Darla burned down your studio doesn’t mean you stop doing what you love. One psycho ex can’t run your life forever, Jaxon. You’re going to have to learn that sooner or later.” Jenn sighed and left the flier on the table.

“And just so you know,” she said as she was halfway through the front door. “If you don’t call the number on the back of the flier in three days, I will.” With that ominous note she left with a small click of the door.

Jaxon ran his hand through is thick hair wondering if he should take her advice or just throw the damn thing away. Why build something up when it is so easily destroyed?

With a sigh he looked away from the offensive flier of a man holding a camera ready to take photos. It shouldn’t be offensive, but he could see himself in that picture. He was so eager and happy when it came to take pictures. Jaxon shook his head and decided that he better leave the past where it belonged.

Three days passed quickly. Jenn came over as usual and she didn’t bring up the flyer that was now in New York’s dump. “Come on I have something to show you!” She pulled him out of his shabby apartment and down into the crowded streets of New York.

“Where the hell are we going Jenn? We never go past eleventh street.” Jaxon started worrying when the streets filled with young half dressed people became crowed with older people with expensive clothing on.

“Jenn, you better not be taking me to-” She pulled him into a building cutting him short. “Come on and stop being a pessimist!” After they entered the luxurious elevator and she pressed the thirty fourth floor, Jaxon brought his interrogating skills out to play.

“This better be another one of your trips to see your new boyfriend.” Lets see if she takes the bait… “Jaxon you know I’m going through a lover drought right now.” Ha! Wait…she doesn’t have a boyfriend anymore?

“Since when? It seemed like you and Leon where doing great.” Jaxon said, getting sidetracked. “Leon was doing great fucking Lila from accounting.” She giggled. “I heard he got crabs so all’s fair in love and war.”


“This way,” Jenn said trying to pull Jaxon out of the elevator fast enough that he couldn’t read the Shiek logo on the wall.

“What the hell…” he stopped dead in his tracks and Jenn couldn’t gain any leverage.

“Why did you bring me here Jenn?” His voice was emotionless. “You need to get back to what you love. I’ve seen you these past two months and you have been dying slowly in front of me! It’s as if you died along with your studio.”

“I’m sorry that I was a little upset when that bitch burnt down all I worked for the past five years!”

“I was with you! Don’t you remember?! I was there right by your side all through high school and through college. Even through the mess Darla left you in.” Jenn’s brown eyes glazed over with unshed tears. “Don’t you think it hurt me too Jaxon? I saw everything you loved go up in flames.”

She choked on a sob and whispered so low Jaxon almost didn’t hear her. “I saw the person I love turn into a shell.” She couldn’t hold in the tears anymore and they ran down her face staining her cheeks.

Her tears tore a hole in Jaxon’s heart. He couldn’t bear to see her crying. “I’m sorry, Jenn,” he wrapped his arm around her and she burrowed her head into his chest. “I know you were acting on your best intentions.” He ran his fingers through her hair soothingly, “I mean its just an interview right? If it makes you happy I will go in there and have the pointless interview.”

She lifted her head to meet his eyes. She glared at the word pointless but he saw the hope blooming in her beautiful brown eyes. “I made you a portfolio from the personal pictures you’ve given me through the years.”

She reached into her huge over sized bag and pulled out a nice black leather portfolio. He couldn’t stop his curiosity and he opened it.

“I thought these we all burned in the fire,” he gasped not taking his eyes off his work. It was all there. The tree house, the lake, the snowy mountains, but it was the last that caught his attention.

It was one of Jenn, he took it at Central Park the first day he got his new camera. She was sitting on an empty bench and it was fall almost winter, leaves were everywhere even in her hair. Jaxon smiled to himself as he studied her profile in the picture, she seemed lost in thought as she looked off into the distance.

Then a thought struck him, all the photos they had a connection with Jenn. The lake where they spent most of their high school years dreaming about college and their futures. The snowy mountains as well as the tree house held our history.

He looked up from the wonderful gift and smiled for the first time in two months. He closed the portfolio and brought Jenn into a searing kiss. She tensed up surprised, but then she melted into his embrace kissing him back all the passion she held for him.

Suddenly her phone started to ring and he pulled back reluctantly. She glared down at it cursing whoever it was to the deepest pits of Hades.

“Hello?” She answered a bit annoyed, okay more than annoyed. “Oh my gosh yes we are right outside…no we already understand your time is precious…I…thank you sir.” She hung up and practically threw Jaxon down the hall.

“We have two point five seconds before they cancel your appointment!” They raced into the side office and the receptionist looked at them with disinterest.

“Appointment at twelve thirty, Jaxon R.?” She said marking something on her desk.

“Yes ma’am.” She nodded and then looked at me. “I’m sorry but only the photographer gets to go into the interview.”

Jenn nodded and hugged Jaxon good luck. “Knock ‘em dead, Cowboy.” He grinned for the second time in two months, she almost forgot how mind numbingly sexy that grin was.
After an hour of intense waiting, Jaxon finally emerged from the office. “How did it go?” Jenn rushed up, and he smiled pulling her into a tight hug.

“They want to hire me.”

Jenn’s breath got caught in her throat and she pulled back to look into his deep green eyes. “You mean you got the job?” she squealed with happiness.

“You don’t even know the best part yet. I have a photo shoot today…” He did that whole crooked, melt your panties off grin leaving her breathless as he brought his lips to her ear. “And you’re my model.”

Jenn gasped at the shocking news. “M-me? Why me? I’ve never modeled before, I’d get you fired! You should get a professional.”

He guided her to the studio just two offices down. “You’re my muse Jenn. In anything I ever shot, it reminded me of you. And you want to know a secret? Their favorite picture was of you in the park.”

She blushed at the news, “I don’t know how to model though, Jaxon. What if you waste film on me?”

“Nothing is wasted if it is on you.” He kissed her tenderly on the lips and she felt herself come undone with him. She sighed and have him a playful glare.

“Only a few pictures,” he raised his camera to his eye locking her in his sights. “Wait I’m not ready!” She laughed and covered face with both of her hands but she left room for her eye so she could keep sight of Jaxon.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered as he chased her around snapping photos of her. They ran into the prop room and Jenn fell on a big poofy bed looking thing. Jaxon looked down at her and she sent him a sexy smile promising fun.

He clicked his camera two more times before tossing it on the bed. “Camera time is over,” Jenn said while Jaxon locked the door. “I heard it was good to bless your new studio for good luck.”
Jenn smirked and pulled him down on top of her. “I think we should make sure your workspace gets blessed good, we wouldn’t want you to have bad-” Her lips were suddenly preoccupied to finish her sentence…