Monday, January 3, 2011

AJ Silent Voice Week 33: Your Likes, My Dislikes

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Your Likes, My Dislikes

Sara slathered the chocolate hazelnut goodness onto two pieces of wheat bread and smashed them together. Jake wrinkled his nose as he picked up the container to smell it.

“You seriously aren’t going to eat that, are you? It looks like kiddie poo,” Jake said.

Sara pegged him in the shoulder and took a huge bite out of her sandwich. “Mm mm mm, look at that. It’s sooooo good!” She wiggled her face in front of his, making a big production out of chewing and swallowing, finally blowing in his face.

Jake coughed and pinched his nose. “You need, like, a case of tic-tacs. There’s no way I’m kissing you after that.”

She rolled her eyes and chugged a gulp of milk, smiling in satisfaction. She stood at the counter and he watched her, bite by bite, till it was all gone. Wadding up the paper towel, she took a jump-shot at the trashcan, sinking it the first time.

“Lucky shot,” Jake scoffed.

Sara stuck her tongue out at him and turned to put the Nutella back in the pantry, shaking her panty-clad ass. Jake gave her a good smack and she yelped.

They’d been living together about a month and Sara had to admit that things weren’t going too bad. They had their moments, of course, but who doesn’t? Jake worked at a local garage when he wasn’t taking classes in Port Angeles, and Sara just worked at the store. They made more than enough money to cover their bills, which was a first for Sara. It felt weird. There were times, too, that she didn’t want to take his money.

The first time rent came due, they had a huge blow out over who covers what. Sara made a point of telling him that she didn’t need him; she’s made it this far on her own. Of course, she meant to specify that she didn’t need his money, but sometimes things get convoluted.

But the make-up sex? Out of this world.

Since then, they had an envelope that bill money goes into, and each keep their own extra money. That way, Jake said, they both contribute, but Sara can keep her independence.

“So, what’s on the agenda today?” Sara asked, turning and leaning against the cabinet. Jake stood across from her, clad only in pj pants. His shirtless form always caused Sara’s breath to catch in her throat. She had to restrain her hands from rubbing across his abs and caressing his pecs like crazy. Some days, she actually won that battle. Most days, she couldn’t keep her hands off him.

He stepped up close to her, a little close for casual conversation, and, laying his hand firmly on the small of her back, pulled her into his body. Her eyes closed as she leaned into him. She breathed deep, the smell of his body, so clean and natural, lulled her into submission.

He ghosted his hands along her thin, cotton shirt, until he touched bare skin. She squirmed against him...right against him, and he groaned. When their lips finally met, they were hungry and deep, fast and hard, looking for something to ease the ache.

Sara edged her fingers around the waistband of his pants, slowly, with promise. He backed her into the cabinet forcefully, lifting her up, putting the object of her affection out of her reach. She groaned this time, but Jake just chuckled. He held her weight against his hips, ridding her of her shirt and splaying his hands out across her ribcage. She revelled in his touch, leaning her head back, feeling the heat from his hands warm her skin.

He pushed his hands under her breasts, lifting them, and let the pads of his thumbs brush across her nipples. With each pass, they firmed under his ministrations and he smiled, proud of the things he made her body do. He doubted he’d ever seen a more beautiful sight. He kneaded her soft flesh, rewarded with her hips pushing into his erection.

Bliss, he thought, grinding himself against her, creating friction for them both.

Giving her nipples a hard pinch, she hissed as he moved his hands lower, until he’d shimmied her panties off her hips and down her thighs, exposing her to his wandering fingers. He couldn’t get them off, though, without removing himself from this wonderful situation, so he popped the sides and she yelped, but didn’t act like she minded. Dropping the offensive material to the side, he cupped her, putting pressure on her pelvic bone, letting his fingers move up and down her slit and she moaned with abandon. She was so wet, and that drove him wild.

“I want to feel you,” she pleaded.

“No condom,” Jake confessed, leaning over and peppering kisses into the crook of her neck, one hand under her ass, as pushing her into him.

Taking matters into her own hands, she stretched her arms down, pulling his cock out above his pants, placing it against her wet slit.

“Oh God, Sara...fuck.” Jake thrust up against her, relishing the heat of her sex. She placed him between her lips, making the length of him glide smoothly between. The sensation sent her head reeling, and she clung to him as he moved back and forth. She felt his warm breath against her shoulder as he panted, the feeling hitting him hard. He pulled back further, angling his hips down a bit, and the head hit her clit.

They both yelled, lost as he repeated the action over and over. She felt soft and hot, and he wanted so bad to sink into her and never leave, but this...this was amazing. He pulled her closer, increasing the pressure, and she began to thrust back into him. Her body was frantic, fevered, and he knew she was close.

“Yes, Jake...yes...please...,” she groaned.

Her voice broke in a strangled cry as she pushed his head into her breasts, humping him, riding out her orgasm. She shook as the head hit it’s mark once more, and Jake followed her with several grunts, feeling the slick heat of his cum mixed with hers drip down his balls. They both breathed heavy, Sara afraid that if Jake put her down now, her legs wouldn’t hold her up. He knew that, somehow, and cradling her to his chest, he carried them into the bedroom, depositing her softly on the bed. He crawled in after her, playfully scooting her over, and attacking her mouth with his, hungry for more.

She laughed and wrapped herself around him, laying her head against his chest. “I thought you said you wouldn’t kiss me if I ate that sandwich.”

Jake chuckled and kissed the top of her head as they both drifted off into a bliss-induced morning nap.