Saturday, October 9, 2010

SnappleApple450 Week 20: Watermelon

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“Babe, come on!” Richard yelled from the living room.

Kayla came out of the kitchen carrying a large picnic basket and a grin. “I packed it so full, we need to restock the fridge.”

He smiled back, taking the heavy basket from her. “This will be great. I’m glad you thought of it.”

She grabbed an old quilt and laid it on top of the basket before heading out. Richard placed the basket in the hood of his Volkswagen and they drove off.

“So you say you have the---”

Richard cut her off, “---perfect place. Yes I do.”

Kayla smiled to herself as she stared out the window at the passing trees. They were on their way to have a picnic. They decided they haven’t been on one since childhood so why not now? Summer was almost over anyway and they’d be going off to college soon.

Richard suddenly pulled over behind some trees, close to Mr. Finch’s farm. “What are we doing here?” Kayla asked.

He gave her a devilish grin and winked. “We need a watermelon for our picnic.” And with that he slipped out of the car and into the trees.

“Richard wait!” Kayla half whispered and yelled. She scrambled after him, trying to be quiet. She was watching her feet so she wouldn’t trip, but ran smack into Richard’s back. He turned and caught her before she could fall and put his finger to his lips telling her to be quiet.

“I’m gonna go get a watermelon. You wait by the car.”

“No Richa---” He was off again before she could stop him. She grumbled to herself knowing he couldn’t be stopped.

Richard had run straight for Mr. Finch’s watermelon patch. He brought a pocketknife with him to cut the stem. Once he got there, he found the best watermelon he could find and began sawing away at the thick stem.

“You know you could just ask?” He heard a voice from behind him.

He jumped and fell backwards over the watermelons. Mr. Finch was standing there with a big straw hat on and a crinkly-eyed smile. He held a hand out for Richard to take and helped pull him up to his feet.

Richard was a little stunned into silence at Mr. Finch’s niceness. Finally he shook his head, clearing his thoughts. “Uh ...look I’m sorry, sir. It’s just my girlfriend and I are on our way to a picnic. We’re going off to separate colleges next week and I wanted a watermelon for it. She loves watermelons and I knew you grew them. I’m really sorry for trying to steal one.”

Mr. Finch chuckled. “Quit your babbling. You’re only sorry for getting caught.”

Richard couldn’t really deny it, he just waited for his punishment.

The old man scratched his chin in thought. “You’re McKinney's kid, aren’t you?”

Richard nodded his head. “Yes sir, Richard McKinney Jr.” He didn’t know why he was giving him his name. He’d probably turn him into the cops.

Mr. Finch continued to think. “Well...I don’t want to keep you and your girlfriend waiting. Let Mrs. Finch cut up the watermelon for you so it’s easier. Not sure what you were planning on doing with a watermelon and a pocketknife. Damn near impossible, if you ask me.”

Richard was shocked at what he just heard. “You’re not gonna call the cops?!”

Mr. Finch knelled down with his cutters and cut the watermelon free. He then paused and looked up at the boy. “Why, were you wanting me to?” He laughed.

Richard shook his head. “No sir but---”

Mr.Finch cut him off mid-sentence. “Son, I was a kid once too. I’ve done a lot worse than stealing watermelons and I’m sure you have as well. There’s no lesson to learn here, no punishment, no scary old cranky man with a shotgun. Let me get this cut up for you so you can go on your way.”

Richard didn’t know what to say so he just smiled at him. “Thank you.”

A few minutes later, Kayla was pacing by the car nervous as hell wondering what was taking him so long. She didn’t know if she should go after him or wait by the car. Suddenly Richard came out of the bushes carrying another small basket, filled with freshly cut watermelon.

Kayla gave him a questioning look but was glad he was alright. “I thought you were getting a whole watermelon. Where did you get the basket?”

Richard just smiled to himself. “Don’t worry about it.” He started the car and drove past the farm, waving to the old couple on the porch. Kayla gave him a silent look filled with questions but she didn’t speak any of them. She knew how Richard had his ways of making things work out for him.

Finally they got to the field Richard had picked out. The sun was a few hours from setting. They laid the blanket out and opened the baskets, spreading all the food. Kayla went to sit down but Richard grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her close to him.

A simple smile filled his face as he stared down at her. “I love you.”

She smiled so big, a content sigh escaped her lips as she kissed him. “Come on, let’s eat!” He pulled her down, making her fall into his lap as they each took a bite of the delicious watermelon.