Saturday, October 30, 2010

Miss Beckie Louise Week 22: Fairground Ride

Miss Beckie Louise

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Late, but here she is!
Miss Beckie Louise's Choice: Both

Fairground Ride

We were in Paris! I couldn't believe it, I had wanted this for a long time and now it was finally happening. He told me it was a surprise, that it would be the best time of our lives, and it was. I never doubted him for a second. We went on top of the Eiffel tower, ate French food, drank the wine, the champagne. It was fun, fabulous.

On our last night, he took me to a fan-fare. We went on all the rides until we got to the round-about. Then everything changed. The round-about was right by the tower. So it was a perfect night setting. I loved looking at the lights as we passed it, going round and round and round.

When we got off the ride, he took my hand and led me closer and closer to the tower. Once we were under it, he stopped, so I stopped too, then, he went down on one knee and I gasped, lifted my hand to my mouth in shock.

“I love you, so much. Time always goes so quickly by your side, will you marry me?”

I accepted the proposal and he picked me up and swung me around in circles just like the round-about. The wedding was spectacular, it was everything I ever wanted and more. Then the honeymoon. The beach, the water, the sand, the weather, the hotel. Everything was perfect.

We were there for two whole weeks before real life came crashing back down and we had to start living our lives as married people.

We had the arguments anybody else has, the ups the downs, the crying, the make-up sex. It was all worth it, because I spent my days with him.

Now life isn't worth living. He's gone, and I can't bring him back.

I shed my last tear and closed the photo album, forever.