Friday, October 8, 2010

Miss Beckie Louise Week 20: Walking in the Rain

Miss Beckie Louise

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Walking in the Rain

It was raining, the pitta-patta of the rain was starting to drive me insane. I looked out of the window and sat that it had stopped raining but the sound was from little droplets of water falling from the room and onto the street. I sighed loudly and got up off the couch, before looking out the window with a little more interest.

I saw people walking on the road with umbrella's over their heads. Apparently the rain hadn't completely stopped. The flags were moving with the wind and I focused on them more than usual. The way they looked captivated me, just the way they moved and not fight against the wind as they would loose.

Eventually, I walked away from the window, and put my coat and shoes on before stepping out in the street. I walked down the road, letting the continuing rain fall quickly on my head. Times like this, I missed having an umbrella. I could have swung it around like they did in that film... Singing in the Rain.

I walked with no destination in mind, just for the hell of it. The rain cooling me down from sitting inside for a while, with the roaring fire on because my wife wanted it on. It wasn't that cold to begin with.

As I moved I saw some shops closing up, it was past ten pm, and I knew that only a small handful of shops stayed open this late. Apparently is for more customers or something, there was always a reason why shops did things and it always came down to just one thing... money.

The thing that causes pain, heartbreak, smiles, laughter. The reason why people were considered poor or rich. Stereotyping people simply because of wealth was disgusting. Everything was down to money. The way you dress is because of money, if you dress like a slob you're considered to have no or very little. If you wear fancy suits you're considered well off or rich. I was fed up of it.

With that in mind, I walked home, the rain pouring faster and faster and I was soaked to the bone. When I opened the front door, my wife held out a towel and turned around back inside, this action confused me. She didn't do that very often, she usually made me get a towel or something myself.

I walked up the stairs before getting changed into my pajamas before walking back down to the living room. I got a pen and paper out and started writing. The walk had given me inspiration for my next big hit after all.

The values of money and how it can give people anything; poverty or wealth.