Friday, October 15, 2010

Miss Beckie Louise Week 21: Love Sick

Miss Beckie Louise

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Miss Beckie Louise's Choice: Picture 2

Love Sick

I sat on the beach, arms wrapped around legs staring out at the sea and the couple being all 'lovey dovey'. I rolled my eyes at the scene and wondered why two people would have a private moment in such a public location.

They hugged and kissed and ran around on the beach like some love sick teenagers. I scoffed and turned my head around so that I was staring at the sea. I love the way the sea moves, the sound it makes, the smell of it. Its calming, and just enjoyable to watch without having to be out in it and getting all cold so that you want to run away from it and warm up.

I was starting to relax a lot and started to enjoy myself when the love sick teenagers ruined it again. They ran out into the water and started squealing at how cold it was. I rolled my eyes at their pathetic movements and noise.

In the end I got fed up of them, so I got up, picked up my things and sulked over to the other side of the beach. I enjoyed the rest of my time on the beach, but that all came crashing down on me when it was time to go home.

The love sick teenagers, let's just say I sat next to them in the car. My sister and her boyfriend, the guy I had a crush on for years and my sister knew it. I hated it, and hated them.