Sunday, October 24, 2010

Destiny Cullen Week 22: Date Night

Destiny Cullen

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Destiny Cullen’s Choice: Both

Date Night

Today was the day! I couldn’t believe that Joey and I would finally have our alone time. We’d both been so busy with work that we’d hardly have time to talk on the phone much less see each other in person. But today was our monthly date night that we always put aside just in case we were too busy.

I ran out of my office building and into a cab ignoring the woman that was waiting also. I took out my cell phone to call Joey but no answer. Maybe he got caught up at work.

Once I paid the cab driver, I shot into my house to change into something a little more sexy and grabbed a bottle of wine. I threw on my four inch heels twirled in front of the mirror, the black dress snug in exactly the right places. I smiled widely knowing exactly how I was going to seduce Joey today.

The house was locked and I was off to Joey’s apartment. I tried him one more time but still no answer. I called my best friend Rachel to give her a play by play.

“You will never believe where I’m going right now, Rachel!”

“You're going to go sex up Joey?” she said in her 'all knowing' voice.

I giggled. “How did you know?”

I heard her sigh into the phone. “One, I can hear your heels against the sidewalk, and the excitement in your voice means only one thing.” I rolled my eyes waiting for her to finish.

“YOUR GETTING LAID TONIGHT!” she screamed. I had to pull the phone away from my ear and check for blood. She laughed, and we chatted the whole way to the apartment complex.

“Hey, Rach, I gotta go. I’m already outside his door.” She giggled, “call me after I want all the details of his technique.” I ended the call and shoved the phone back into the small purse I brought.

I lifted my hand to knock when I heard giggling on the other side. My smile instantly faded as I listened harder. “Come on, babe, come back!” I heard Joey’s voice call out then more giggling and shuffling.

I pressed my ear to the door when the lock clicked and opened. My hand came up and pushed the door and walking in hesitantly. It looked like toddlers where set free in the living room. My head snapped to the left when a soft moan came from his bedroom.

I slowly walked to his room on the way I saw his shirt on the floor along with her shoes.

“Just like that, Ally. God I love you, baby.”

Each word he spoke broke my heart but none compared to what I saw when I reached that bedroom door.

She was grinding on top of him and his hand was inching up her thigh and under her dress. I heard a crash next to me and I looked down and saw I dropped the wine bottle.

They both gasped and leapt from each other. I laughed humorously as I felt a hot tear stroll down my cheek. “I came for our date tonight. I guess you had previous arrangements.” My body turned around and strolled out the apartment. I heard my name being called, but I ignored that voice at all costs.

Once I was home, I ripped off my dress and threw on some sweats. I couldn’t stand to be alone, so I called Rachel and she came over with ice cream, hot chocolate, and magazines.

“Thank you so much, Rach. You’re the best friend ever!” I hugged her as the tears burned my cheeks.

“It’s okay, babe I’ll always be here. Just like we promised in middle school.” We stayed like that all night eating ice cream and drinking hot chocolate.

Around six in the morning, Rachel left and I ended up by the window gazing out into the neighborhood. I closed my eyes and exhaled heavily. My eyes opened to the cloud of condensation on the window. The tears came again as the scene from his bedroom played in my head.

“Just like that, Ally. God, I love you.”

I traced my finger along the glass and wrote what I felt in my heart.

‘Fuck Ally’

I don’t need him; I never needed him. She can have him and all his cheating glory. I can do better and I deserve better, someone worth of my time and love. I smiled as I walked into my closet and got out my favorite outfit.

“No more tears or fears,” I said to myself in the mirror. “I’m going out into the word a better woman looking for a great man.”

“By the way you have a date tonight with Cole. You remember him don’t you? He went with you to the prom senior year.” Rachel said.

I turned around and smiled at her. “I thought you left.”

“Nah, I never leave my best friend when she needs me. Plus I didn’t want you to hear me planning the date. I knew you’d get over Joey. He was scum. Now you're ready for a real man.” She smirked and shimmied over to my closet to find something suitable for date night.