Thursday, April 5, 2012

SydneyAlice Week 98: Autumn

Welcome one of our new authors, SydneyAlice, with her first post on the blog! :)

Sydney Alice

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Sydney Alice's Choice: Picture 2


I love autumn.

I love the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet.

I love that you sometimes have to wear a jacket in the morning only to toss it aside by the afternoon.

I love the crimsons and golds that blanket the ground of my favorite city park.

I love kissing.

I love him.

I love kissing him.

Kissing him is my favorite thing about fall. Because kissing leads to cuddles, and cuddles lead to ...

Yeah, I love it all.

I love the feel of his flannel shirt as my fingers slide along his shoulders, only pausing when they tangle in his hair in my futile attempt to get closer. We’re already impossibly close, and the moans that echo from his throat set me on fire. His hand slides up my leg, and then I remember we’re in my favorite park, and we’re probably making a scene.


I love autumn.

I love him.

And I can’t wait for winter.

Kissing him.

Loving him.