Monday, April 9, 2012

LisaMichele17 Week 99: Happiness as Destiny

Another new author to the blog with her first post! Welcome LisaMichele17!!


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Happiness as Destiny

I thought I had it all. The perfect job, friends and the most amazing family. I never realized how much I didn’t have until I met him, my Edward. He came into my life out of nowhere. He didn’t become everything to me. He balanced me. He makes my life a complete circle. I can see him, now, as I walk down the aisle to become his wife. The memories of everything we have together.

The accidental meeting.

The first date.

The first kiss that happened after the third date.

The first time we became lovers.

The engagement.

This is becoming a complete circle. I am surrounded by all the people that I love.

Little does he know is that there is something growing inside of me. Something that he doesn’t know yet. I have no fear that he will be surprised but I also know that he will be an amazing father.