Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sydney Alice Week 100: Mother

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I’m thumbing through an old photo album when I come across a childhood picture. It’s me, with my hair fresh out of curlers and my mom’s reading glasses perched on my nose. I must have been eight. Maybe nine. She and my dad were going out to dinner to a fancy restaurant. They normally did on Friday nights, leaving me at home with my older sister.

Mom would always let me sit on the sink as she put on her make-up, and she’d roll my hair in curlers. She’d spritz me with perfume, put a dangly necklace around my neck, and let me wear her heels. The glasses - well, they were big and black and completely awkward, but they were hers, and I loved everything that belonged to her.

I’d wanted to be her, so badly. She was beautiful and wise, and everything I wanted to be when I was a woman.

If she could see me today, would I make her proud?

I hope so.

But she can’t see me.

I close the photo album and place it back on my shelf before heading to the bathroom. Tonight is date night. We’ll have dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, and the girls will stay home with the sitter.

I step into my bathroom, and I smile.

My nine year old is waiting for me. She’s sitting on the sink, with a dangly necklace around her neck. I can smell the perfume, and I see my reading glasses perched on her nose.


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Alby Mangroves said...

So pretty! A really lovely moment of coming full circle. Well done! <3