Thursday, May 3, 2012

SydneyAlice Week 102: Surprise

Sydney Alice

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The snow blankets the earth just outside our window.

“Pretty, isn’t it?”

Your breath is warm against my ear, but I still jump when you put your hands on my waist. The room is cold, and now I know why.

“I can’t believe so much snow fell overnight,” I whisper in amazement.

You hum softly, and I groan as your lips blaze a trail across the exposed skin of my shoulder. Closing my eyes, I feel my body come alive as your mouth continues exploring my flesh. Our honeymoon has been perfection, and the snow outside gives us an excuse to extend our stay at the cabin.

From somewhere, I hear a faint meow. I’m sure I’m imagining the sound, so it’s easy to ignore ... especially with my husband pressed against my back and slipping his fingers beneath my robe. Eventually, the meowing becomes frantic, and my husband halts his kisses and places his chin on my shoulder.

“Is that a cat?”

I giggle. “Sounds like it.”

“Do we care?”

Smiling, I turn around his arms.

“You’re a vet. You probably care a little.”

Sighing deeply, he kisses me softly before getting dressed. After lacing your boots, you slowly make your way outside. I watch through the window as you gingerly step off the porch, and that’s when I see the gray kitten, buried deep in the snow. I watch proudly as you wrap your gloved hands around the animal - lifting him from the cold snow and holding him close to your chest. Your lips are moving as you snuggle the kitten, and I know you’re promising him that everything is going to be okay now.

This is why I married you.