Monday, May 21, 2012

Lisamichele17 Week 105: Prom for Teachers


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Prom for Teachers


Before I even realized, it was April. Initially, the months that passed between me and Bella being together actually became easier. I longed to be nearer to her, but the weekends that we spent together was beyond worth the wait.

If possible, my four-year-old golden retriever, Alby, became even more attached to Bella than I was. Initially, I thought that was odd because before Bella, I dated. To make this very clear, I was never a man who slept around. The women whom I did date never really bonded with Alby.

Whenever Bella came to my place, Alby, would pounce on her. It was hard having Alby in this apartment. I really wanted to get a house in the Portland area. Every time I thought about getting house; I would have visions of Alby, Bella, and children. Bella and I talked about marriage. We both agreed it was something that we wanted, eventually. Truth be told, I wanted it all with her.

I was really lucky in a lot of aspects. When I was teaching, my best friend Jasper and his wife, Alice watched Alby for me. They have a house near Portland and its close enough that I can drop Alby off on my way to school. It was a perfect situation because they also have a golden retriever, Lily.

Tonight, I am at the Portland Art Museum for prom. It reminds me of what my prom was like, full of hijinks and pranks although I never got caught. It makes me think about what it would have been like to have known Bella during high school. I like to think that I would have noticed her anywhere. I loved how even in our pasts, without each other, seemed to have the same path. I have a strong belief in fate, and that is why we met when we met. It makes me wish that Bella could be here for this prom, but she had something urgent come up at work.

The museum is absolutely beautiful. When I was growing up in Chicago, my mom and I, would go to many museums. My favorite was the Museum of Contemporary Art. Maxfield Parrish is my favorite artist.

I find myself looking at Water Lilies by Monet, when I feel arms wrapping around my waist.

“Hi, handsome.”

I know that voice anywhere. I have no idea at how Bella somehow managed to surprise me, but she did. I turn around quickly, not only to touch her but also to see her.

My god, she is so damn beautiful.

She is wearing a short and sleeveless off white dress, that shows every inch of her long legs. I let my eyes wander up towards her face, lingering on her shoulders. When I make it to her eyes, I see her smile. I'm about ready to ask her how she could get into the museum and away from work, but then she surprises me even more.

“How would you feel if I moved to Portland?”