Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lisamichele17 Week 106: Love, Actually


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Love, Actually


The look on Edward's face when I asked him about moving to Portland was priceless. Even five months later, he still has a permanent grin upon his face when he sees me. The man continually loves me like no other.

As soon as the prom was over, he led me to his Land Cruiser. Our lovemaking has always been passionate and tender.

That night he lost all control. I have never seen him like that before.

Halfway to Jasper and Alice's house to pick up Alby, he pulled off to the side of the road, claiming he could not wait ravish me. And he did that, indeed.

The look on Jasper and Alice's faces when they saw us was a mixture of amusement and surprise.

When we got to his apartment, we took Alby for a walk around his neighborhood and then put her in his tiny back yard where she has a dog house.

When we were getting ready to go to sleep, Edward asked me about my apartment situation since I moved to Portland. I explained to him that I was able to secure a six-month lease at the same apartment complex as him. He was thrilled about that. I was so surprised that he didn't want us to move in together, but he explained that even though he is thrilled to have me living in Portland, it would have been too much to move in together right away.

I agreed with him, completely.

That night he showed me how excited he was that I was moving to Portland.

In fact, he showed me, three times.

The best thing is that Edward's lease is up in June. He has been wanting to have roots in Portland and really wants to buy a house. He has told me he wants to be closer to where Jasper and Alice live because Lily and Alby could also play together.

The plan we have in play is that when his lease runs out, he will move in with me and look for a house for us to live in. We both agree that it would be best for us to live together before we get married. I have to admit that marriage is not the most important thing to me. We both want happiness. Our love should always be outward, not inward. We don't want to forget our families and friends because we are together.

The best thing about me moving to Portland still keeps me close to my family in Forks and Seattle. His parents continue to live in Chicago but, we both have hope that they will eventually move closer to us. They are getting older in age and we both want them to be closer to us, so we can help out with things they might need.

We may be enticing them a little with the idea of being closer to their grandchildren, eventually.