Friday, October 28, 2011

Bronwyn Week 75: Legacy

Bronwyn Keith

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Aimee wandered around her grandfather's barn. She let out a small snort at the thought. It wasn't her grandfather's anymore. Just before his death, he signed the property over to Adam because that was the only family he had. She looked at the rough wood beams that were over a hundred years old. Everything was still in good shape. She got to the back of the barn, near the rear entrance and notice the old wagon wheel. The metal band on the hub was dark brown red with rust and the wood was pocked with age and root. Aimee reached out a hand an touched the hub.

"Did you know that wheel was from when your great great grandparents come west?" Adam asked quietly. Aimee looked over her shoulder at him. She had not heard him come in to the barn. He leaned against one of the stall doors, with his hands in his pockets.

"I vaguely remember my grandfather telling me that." Aimee turned back to the wheel.

"Your great great grandfather, Clovis, wanted to move out of Kansas City and start his own ranch. Since the government was giving away land to those who claimed it, he brought his young wife, Margaret, out west. Your grandfather said that he built this barn." Aimee could hear the admiration in Adam's voice.

"Yes, and the old hay loft was their home for three years before Clovis finished the house. He wanted to give Margaret a home with real windows."

"Sometimes, I sit out here just looking over the property and try to imagine the three month trip they took. The dangers and trials they faced. I'm always in awe of the strength they exhibited to get to their destination."

"Near my cousin's place on the Colorado plains, there is still tracks made by wagon wheels. I remember being a young girl and wondering if they were Clovis and Margaret's." Aimee slowly stroked the wheel again before dropping her hand and turning to Adam. "Do you think they were happy living here? They both grew up in Saint Louis. To give up the city and move to the wilds of the Colorado mountains, is a drastic change."

"From what your grandfather said, they loved it here. They wanted to have a place would proudly be passed down through the generations."

"But now you have it, not my family. All because of my mom's death." Aimee watched as Adam stepped closer. He raised his hand and brushed his fingers against her cheek.

"Your grandfather told me once that he made a mistake about your father, but didn't know how to fix the damage." Adam held his hand out to her. "I think you should come in to the house there's something you need to see."

After looking at him for a few moments, Aimee placed her hand in his and walked with him in to the house.