Thursday, October 20, 2011

Burntcore Week 74: The Power of Music


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Burntcore's Choice: Both

The Power of Music

Melanie watched in awe as Dayvid ran his fingers across the incredible piece of equipment. There were more dials and switches than she had ever seen before. She had no idea that sound mixing and synthesizing were so complicated. His hands moved with precision, like a conductor in front of an orchestra. It was quite amazing to watch.

And the music ... the music that poured from the speakers in his studio was perfect. It had a solid, thumping bassline, the kind you’d feel in your bones and the treble tones were just right, higher without sounding tinny. Too often she had listened to music on someone’s stereo when they had the treble set too high and it was like she was listening to the music through a tin can.
The vocals wove smoothly through the bass and treble, meshing into a solid wall of sound, a wall that moved and udulated as the song progressed.

Melanie closed her eyes as the music wrapped around her. She was transported to another place, another time, all from the magic that Dayvid was creating. The bassline was her heartbeat, the treble were the flowers and the trees and the clouds around her, the vocalist was an angel, guiding Melanie on her way.

She opened them when she felt Dayvid’s hands cupping her face.

“Where did you go?” he asked softly, the music he had been working on going through playback.

“Where your music took me,” she replied with a blissful smile on her face. It had been an amazing experience.

Dayvid smiled and kissed her gently on the lips before he stood. “I’m about done here so we should be able to get out of here soon.”

“Okay,” she replied. Initally she thought she would be bored out of her mind when she agreed to come to his studio to wait while he finished up some work. She never thought she’d be transported the way she was. Melanie was almost reluctant to leave now, knowing what magic could be made in that small room.

“For you,” Dayvid said as he handed her an orange daisy.

“Where did you get this?” she asked in awe, taking the pretty flower from him.

“I bought it earlier for you, before you arrived.”

Melanie felt her body heat up all over and she couldn’t stop the smile that burst from her face. “It’s perfect. When I was listening to your music, I was picturing these flowers.”

“Were you?” he asked, stepping closer to her again, running his hands through her hair.

She nodded as she sniffed the flower’s center.

Dayvid gently pulled her hand holding the flower from her face and captured her lips with his. Melanie heard the music soar once more, taking her away to that place again, except now she wasn’t alone. Dayvid stood by her side, his hand in hers, as they walked towards the field of daisies.

Music really was a powerful thing.