Monday, October 24, 2011

Miss Beckie Louise Week 75: A Colourful Day

Miss Beckie Louise

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A Colourful Day

Today we were going on a school trip to the museum of unusual things. It was going to be oh so fun. Not. It was a doss around day where we get out of normal boring lessons and pretend to be well behaved and see exhibits for art, not like I enjoyed Art. I couldn’t draw for anything. I always got remarks on my drawings like “You can do so much better” and “Concentrate please!” It seems that the teachers don’t understand that I can’t draw. I do try but if you don’t have talent then they presume that you’re not concentrating.

They should just sit with me and watch me draw. I try really really hard. I even find it relaxing but the end product just looks awful.

Right now we, meaning the class and I, were sitting on the coach on the way to the museum. I was sitting on my own, as usual. I was such a loner as kids my age would say. I didn’t have any friends. I’m shy and that automatically makes people presume that I am “up myself” and too good to mingle.

We were nearly there, and the class was getting antsy and were so totally ready to get off this piece of transport.

Not even five minutes passed before we pulled up outside of the museum, and the hooligans that we were ran off the coach and inside before the teachers could react. I ran as quickly as my little legs would carry me and I came to a stop at the first exhibit I saw. It was a what looked like a thousand or more crayons standing up. the colours were amazing and it was kind of inspirational, I mean if standing up a few thousand crayons was art, then what was considered as not art?

I got out my disposable camera and started taking pictures of the exhibit. It really did inspire me for my future art lessons. Suddenly, I heard a beep followed by a message over the over head speakers.

“All students from Neverfield High School please report to reception where your teachers are awaiting. I repeat, can all students from Neverfield High School please report to reception. Thank you.”

I heard many groans of other students who were nearby followed by their feet thumping against the marble floor heading towards the reception. I stayed where I was. Call me a rebel but I was so enthralled by the exhibit that I just didn’t want to go.

Time passed by and there was another overhead message.

“Can Stuart Francis please go to reception where your teachers are waiting for you. That is Stuart Francis. Thank you.”

“Ah damn it!” I exclaimed before i turned around and nearly walked into someone. I looked up and came face to face with my art teacher.

“What are you doing here?!” she shouted at me.

I kept quiet and she grabbed my hand and started to pull me back to reception.

“You are in so much trouble, young man!” she said.

“I’m sorry Miss, but the exhibit was really interesting,” I told her.

“Well ... it doesn’t matter!” she snapped. “You should have ran off. We have to take you all back to school where you will stay for the rest of day in detention.”


The rest of the day at school was boring, but I’ll tell you one thing I did do ... I drew. Art became all about perception and I just drew what I interpreted and that was all my teacher wanted me to do from the start. I’m glad I went on the trip. Even though it ended as a disaster, I still really enjoyed myself.


Alby Mangroves said...

HAHAHA! He's a rebel. This was sweet!