Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Destynee Week 74: The Chase (Part One)

Destynee Cullen

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The Chase (Part One)

I hate the cold, Julia thought as she was sitting in the abandoned school house, in one of the old wooden desks. She don’t know how Andy talked her into coming here. The abandoned school house has many horror stories parents tell their kids. One in-particular is about a teacher who accidentally killed one of her students she put in the time out closet.

Julia had a feeling someone was behind her and she quickly turned around. She sighed in relief as she just saw the decaying wallpaper and not some murdering ghost. Julia’s eyes wandered around the classroom taking in the moss and termite infested wood. A draft blew in through a broken window and chilled her to the bone. She pulled her jacket tighter around her, cursing herself once again for being here in the first place.

There was a figure in the corner of her eye and she turned to see who it was, bonce she turned her head there was no one there. A chill ran up her spine, chilling her more than the draft. “Screw this, I’m outta here.”

“Hey! You made it!” Daniel said walking in through the door. Julia glared at him, “Why did you want to meet here? It’s freezing and not to mention creepy.” As if on cue the sound of glass breaking sounded in the distance.

Daniel smirked. “Exactly! It’s almost Halloween, you need to get into the spirit.”

“Don’t even start, Daniel! You know I hate Halloween. Let’s get out of here. You’re buying me hot chocolate.” Julia made a move to go through the door but Daniel didn’t let her get by.

“Ah, I don’t think so.” He straightened his back, making himself taller and more threatening than Julia has ever seen.

She eyed him carefully. “Move out of the way,” She tried to sound firm but her voice cracked. Daniel just stared at her with an evil smirk covering his face.

“You need to let me out of here. I can’t be here after dark.” Julia started to panic, her heartbeat was frantic and her eyes were searching for anyway out of the room.

“That’s where you’re wrong. Sundown is in about,” he checked his watch with

“Enough time for what?” she whispered.

“We’ll tell you as we get you to where we need you.”

“We? What is going on here, Daniel?”

“Come on in guys.” Three guys from our school suddenly appeared behind him. Dread settled in her stomach when they all smiled at her.

They grabbed Julia by the shoulders and forced her outside. She couldn’t think or move to stop them. The panic was like a haze in her mind clouding her reactions. It wasn’t until they were away from the school house and deep into the woods that her mind came back into focus. A huge rock came into view and they stopped right in front of it.

“Tie her to the rock. The rope and spikes are on the other side of the tree.” Daniel said with excitement. They let go of her arms at the same time and her fight or flight reflexes kicked in. Before they realized their mistake, Julia made a dash into the woods.

As Julia ran she heard Daniel’s laugh echo around her. “Run, Julia. We’ll find you before you can get out these woods!” The chase was on and she had to get out before sunset.


Alby Mangroves said...

Oh My God, that is scary stuff! Run, Julia, run! I'm sitting here late at night, everyone else has gone to bed, and I'm seriously a little freaked out! Well done :)