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Kimmydon Week 40: Afternoon Delight


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Afternoon Delight

I opened the door quietly, just in case someone was home. No one should be; I was cutting class. The day was simply too beautiful to spend inside, but I wanted to change into something less... civilized before I went down to the pond to fish a while.

Mom would have a fit if she knew any of it. She’d be livid that I was fishing, dressed like a boy with my hair in a hat. She was trying so hard to break me of all the habits I’d picked up from my father and brothers. She’d wanted a little girl so long that she was disappointed her only girl preferred chasing frogs and throwing footballs to picking flowers and having tea.

I couldn’t help it. I did pick flowers, and rocks and mushrooms too. I loved to be outside, that was all. And fishing was a great thing to do while listening to birds, watching the clouds, breathing the fresh air...

Someone was home. I stopped in the entryway seeing my brother’s beaten up old converse shoes on the sill. The youngest of my brothers, the only one still home. Jason was a good student, unlike Jimmy and Leon, who had left home to work on oil rigs. I couldn’t quite imagine him skipping class. He wasn’t alone either. A pair of shoes that might fit my feet sat on the floor, ones with a slight heel - girl shoes. Jason hadn’t said anything about a girlfriend. Tiptoeing, I passed the kitchen into the hall.

I heard them before peeking through the crack in the door. The sounds they made were unknown to me. Happy sounds, certainly, but heavy, breath coming in pants and gasps. I had to pass Jason’s door to get to my room, and it wasn’t shut. Peering in, I froze. He wore only his shorts, and she was down to just panties. They were twined together, legs and arms tangled around one another, kissing. Her fingers clutched his hair while their lips met between groans and moans. His hands were around her waist, fingers slipping into those polka dot panties.

I shouldn’t watch this. I should change and run to the water hole, but I was entranced. I had only kissed one boy in my fourteen years. Mitchell was cute, but it had been a dare, not a real kiss, nothing like that. My friends, the ones much less tomboy-ish than me, had all been kissed several times, but I was certain even they had never...

Jason kicked off the shorts that the girl had pushed down. “Damn, Carla,” he murmured into her neck. So that was her name. I’d seen naked men many times. With four in the house and one bathroom, it was nearly impossible not to run into one of my brother’s standing and peeing. I’d never seen a penis look like that though. Not limp and down-curved, but thick and upright, larger than I had realized it could get. I gasped, and covered my mouth quickly. Of course, I wasn’t heard among Carla’s gasps and moans. They were going to have sex. I knew the mechanics, but watching it was something else.

“Oh my God!” Carla gasped, pulling her arms across her chest and rolling away from the door. Shit, she’d seen me.

“Sorry! Sorry! I’m gone!” I yelled as I turned and ran for my room. I pulled off my pretty shirt with lace at the collar and nice corduroy slacks, pulling out worn and torn jeans and t-shirt. I hadn’t gotten them on though and was standing in my underwear when Jason tapped on the door. He had his shorts on again, but nothing else.

“What are you doing at home?” he asked, not really angry, just miffed. I was glad for that. I loved my brothers. As much fun as it was to tease and play-wrestle, I didn’t want any of them angry with me.

“Too nice for school.” My head popped through the t-shirt, which dropped past my hips.

“You’re getting bigger,” he commented, eyes widening a little. I wore a training bra now, my breasts finally coming in, and I had hips, unlike him. He had always been stick straight.

“Yeah,” I mumbled, not sure what he was getting at. I sat on the edge of the bed to pull on my pants. “I really didn’t mean for you to see me, and I didn’t mean to watch either... I just couldn’t...” I looked at my hands on my thighs, then shook my head and stood, pulling the denim the rest of the way.

“No harm, no foul. You aren’t going to tell Mom and Dad, are you?” he asked, looking sheepish.

I snorted. “As if, and admit I was skipping class?” I pulled my hair through the back of my ball cap. “I am telling them you have a girlfriend, if you don’t do it first.” I stuck my tongue out at him and he chuckled.

“I will. Thanks, Nina.” He looked over his shoulder. “Damn.” He turned and hurried down the hall, but I heard the door closing. Carla had made a run for it.

I was right behind Jason as he punched the door-frame. “I’m really sorry,” I said again, peeking from under the brim of my cap.

He sighed. “Unlucky today. She’ll forgive us, I hope.” He leaned his back against the jamb and punched my arm. I jabbed him back in the ribs. “I’m going to shower. I might meet you at the hole,” he said pushing off and heading for the bathroom.

“Cool.” I smiled, glad he wasn’t mad at me. Stopping at the shed, I grabbed my pole and tackle box.

Leaning against a poplar, I listened to a robin whistling somewhere nearby. My line dragged in the water, but I wasn’t using any real bait. Catching a fish wasn’t the point today.

In my head, I saw Jason again, only this time, it wasn’t him and Carla, it was me and Mitchell. I felt my face hot, thinking about being kissed like that, being naked with a boy, an engorged penis. I nearly jumped out my skin when I heard a twig snap nearby.

“Holy crap, Nina. Something bugging you?” Jason asked, sitting beside me and casting his line. “That’s a stupid question,” he muttered.

I hunched a little. There had never been anything I had trouble talking about with my brothers. That was how I had learned the mechanics of sex in the first place. Now I was uncomfortable. The longer we sat without talking, the more I relaxed. Finally, I asked about something safer, applications for university.

“Yeah, I haven’t decided yet, but I’ve applied for sciences at the U of A. I can pick a major or switch faculties easily from there.” He shrugged. “What about you? Any closer to knowing what you’re going to be when you grow up?”

I snorted. “I’m not going to grow up. What’s the point of that?” I grinned and saw it reflected on his face.

“Going to find some sugardaddy to look after you?” he asked, laughing.

I stuck my tongue out at him. “No,” I moaned, dragging the single syllable out. “I’m going to...” I searched for an answer, “be a hermit. I’ll build a shed in the middle of nowhere and hunt for my food.”

He laughed harder. “I watched you when you shot that deer. You’d never make it.”

I scowled, knowing he was right. Dad and Uncle Joe had let me come along with the boys hunting. They were using bows and arrows, so there was little chance I’d hurt anyone but myself. It was a complete fluke that I’d hit the deer. I mean, I’d seen it and aimed, same as Jason and Leon, but my arrow had been the one to hit the back of the leg and lame the animal. It ran far before we managed to find it and shoot it again, full of fear and pain.

“Okay, not a hermit. I’ll think of something.”

“Something to give Mom grey hair, no doubt,” he said with a snort of his own. “You know you don’t have to do boy things with us.” It wasn’t the first time it had been pointed out to me. “You can be a girl anytime you want to.”

I sat a little straighter and took a deep breath. I watched his eyes fly to my chest for a minute. Exactly what I wanted. “I am a girl,” I twitched my line, making it skip along the water. “A girl who likes to fish and hike. I’m sure there are boys who like girls like that.” I didn’t quite look at him.

He chuckled. “There are, and you’ll snag one.” He flicked the brim of my cap and I grinned at him again. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Carla,” he said quietly. “We... She...” He stumbled for a while before I shook my head.

“I don’t care,” I said happily. “You’re happy? That’s all that matters. If you’re just going to jump her and run, though, I am SO telling Dad on you.” I glared at him. Leon had done that. It had been Jason who busted him, finding a condom in the car. I never learned what Dad had said to Leon that night, only that he had been grey-faced and quiet for the next week. He could have any number of girls now, but I was sure he didn’t.

Jason looked scared. He probably didn’t know what Dad had said either, but he’d seen the result. “I’m not!” he shouted, jumping to his own defense. “We’re just... new.”

I furrowed my brow. “Really? You do that... new?” I didn’t really know how to ask. “Don’t you have to... I don’t know, go on a few dates or something?”

He shook his head. “Not always. It’s hard to explain, Nina. Sometimes, the moment gets away on you.” He turned red in the face and I looked back to the water, twitching my line again. “I mean, when she started touching me... I would do anything to keep her from stopping.” He looked to me and must have seen the lack of comprehension on my face. “Um... how about, like running downhill.” I nodded once, following that. “You can fight it, and step heavy, or you can let your feet go and...”

I smiled, thinking about gravity pulling my down a hill. It felt so much better than the jerky walking to try to go slow. Nodding, I twitched my line again. “I think I get it.” His jaw dropped. “I don’t really get it, obviously,” I said, shaking my head and rolling my eyes. I continued twitching my line, a little irritated. Did he really think I’d...

“Have you had sex, Jason?” I asked, suddenly very curious.

His line sunk low and he began coughing. “What?”

“Have you already had sex?” I asked, taking advantage of the return to my comfort zone. “I mean, it’s pretty obvious you were about to with Carla. Would that have been your first time?”

He was bright red, and I didn’t think it was from coughing. “Yes. I’ve... gotten to second before. Do you know-”

“Yes,” I cut him off. “Touching.” I shook my head.

“Um, yeah. I’ve done that with girls before.” He wasn’t comfortable anymore. Suddenly he broke the awkward silence with a heated, “Please tell me you haven’t...”

I punched him, hard. “No. I’ve been kissed exactly once, on a dare. I think the boys still see me as a pal,” I admitted, slightly sullenly.

He nodded. “That’s the problem with being a tomboy. It’s a benefit, too,” he added with a grin. “Once they do notice, you’ll have your pick. They’ll all know you, and know you’re cool.”

I grinned, too. “Soon,” I said, flicking the line again. “I caught a boy watching me walk to class the other day.” It was Preston. I’m pretty he looked at anything with hips, which I definitely had now. I only wished Mom’s thighs hadn’t come with them. I missed my skinny legs.

“Who?” Jason nearly growled. I laughed at him. He would be the only one left to ‘defend my honour’ when the time came, and apparently he planned to take his job seriously. I was still laughing when my rod nearly pulled out of my hands.

“Shit, I’ve got something.” I started pulling and reeling, Jason encouraging me and leaning over the shore of the creek. He began laughing. That couldn’t be good.

I pulled back one last time and an old shoe came out, nearly hitting Jason in the nose. Frowning at him and the shoe, I untangled my hook.

“We better get home. Mom’ll have supper on soon.” Jason reeled in his line and put his rod on his shoulder, taking my hand.

“Are you mad at me at all?” I asked as we walked.

He chuckled. “No. I’m kinda glad actually. I really should introduce her Mom and Dad first.” He looked at his feet, the same beaten up old Converse. “I’m not sure I’m ready.”

“Looked like you enjoyed running down the hill,” I teased with a grin.

“Shut up, you,” he said, glaring at me. “Running down isn’t always the best idea, as you know.”

I hung my head slightly, abashed. I’d nearly broken my leg running down a wooded slope, tripping on a root. I had face-planted and flipped once, leading to the small scar on my jaw. “It was still awesome,” I told him.

He sighed. “Yes, it was.”


Anonymous said...

youre amazing... it was such a sweet/sexy story and rang so true! lovely writing.