Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Destinee Week 37: Dare (part 1)

Destiny Cullen

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Dare (pt. 1)

I was sitting there, on my perch on the beach with a cool one in my hand and a cigarette in the usual spot. I couldn’t believe what I saw on the freeway this afternoon. At rush hour of all times!

I mean I live in California, I’ve seen a lot of shit in my time but this was one for a scrapbook if I kept one. I was driving Tyler and Cooper to our new house when all of a sudden we saw three girls on the over pass then two of them lifted up their shirts and flash the whole freeway.

Tyler reached over me honked the horn and surprisingly the cars around us honked as well. We zoomed under the over pass and my eyes were glued to the rear-view mirror. We saw them run off the bridge as a cop exited and raced toward their location.

An hour later here I am with that image burned into my brain. Not only because they had perfect bodies, but why did they do it? “Declan! Man, get your ass back in here! I need your help kicking Tyler’s ass in Halo!” I heard Cooper yell from the back porch.

I groaned and swigged the rest of my beer as I heard Cooper’s footfalls behind me. “I already kicked both of your asses in Halo, how about you fools start Call of Duty as I go for a run?”

“Um, I was just wondering if you had a phone we can use?” A small voice replied from behind me and I turned around surprised. There was a girl around my ripe age of twenty five and two girls a few yards behind her talking to each other.

“Oh, I thought you were someone else,” I looked into her deep brown eyes and lost my train of thought. She had long beautiful dark brown hair that fell down in spirals, and her nervous smile was amazing. My eyes trailed down her body taking how lovely her sun kissed skin looked in her colorful bikini.

She cleared her throat and I had to mentally shake myself. “I’m sorry what were you saying?” I asked trying to keep my eyes from ogling her again.

“Um, I asked if you had a phone we could use. My friends and I came here to relax on the beach. We were ready to leave but someone stole our car and we need to report it stolen.”

“Uh,” I looked up at the house and saw Cooper and Tyler staring at the other two girls I assumed were her friends. “We got a phone, come on in.” Tyler yelled from the porch and I ran my hand through my hair tugging on it.

“Sure, come on in.” I said to the beauty still looking at me in question. Her friends were already at the porch talking, more like flirting, with Cooper and Tyler I half expected her to run up and join them. But she waited for me to start walking so she could follow me.

“What’s your name?” She murmured low as she looked over her shoulder at the waves crashing on the beach. “It’s Declan, what’s yours?” She smiled and looked into my eyes, “I like that, I haven’t heard that name outside an Irish romance novel. You fit the bill perfectly. Light skin tanned by the sun, green eyes, dark hair, mild accent, not to mention a nice body.”

I chuckled as she turned her face away embarrassed. “I spent most of my childhood in Ireland but my mom brought me back here when I was sixteen. So what’s your name?” I asked again.

“Dustine.” She said still embarrassed. We reached the porch and she looked at her friends but they were slightly busy with my friends.

“The phone is over here.” I motioned to the living room and she seemed hesitant to follow me alone.

“Go, Dustie. He isn’t going to rape you or anything.” Her blonde friend said and her eyes widened to what looked like a painful state.

“Shut up, Juniper!” She said turning her tan skin darker with her blush.

“Dee, you know she is right. Besides we’ll ninja kick their asses if they fuck with you.” The brunette said putting her hand on her shoulder, then sending all three of us guys death glares.

“Thanks Ayden. I’ll be back once I report the car stolen.” She sighed and walked ahead of me through the living room. “Your friends are really protective of you, huh?” I said breaking the silence between us.

“Junie and Ayden are my two best friends, we’ve watched out for each other ever since we met.”

“So you guys don’t live here then? In California I mean, you three have different accents.”

“Um, we actually didn’t meet until we were about sixteen. Juniper was from New York, I was from New Mexico, and Ayden was from Utah. We met trying to sneak into a concert in a bar. We worked together to get past the bouncer.” She smirked recalling the memory, clearly enjoying it.

I cleared my throat and she shook herself out of it. “Uh, anyway we’ve been inseparable since that night in Arizona.”

“But if each of you lived in different states then how did you stay together?”

Dustine laughed and looked up into my eyes smiling. “Shouldn’t the question should be: How did we get to Arizona in the first place?”

“Fair enough.” I laughed. “The phone is right there, you can take it out those doors and on to the porch for privacy.”

She nodded and took the phone walking outside. She was a vision to watch. I felt like a creep by watching her but she was leaning on the porch and the wind was blowing her long dark hair all around her.

“Declan!” I turned around fast to see Tyler laughing his ass off as Cooper was heading to the kitchen for some drinks.

“What man?” I asked pulling the cigarette from behind my ear and plugging it into my mouth. “You need to stop being a perv and watching her like that. Besides don’t mess up our chances with her friends. You scare her away and her friends follow.”

I groaned pulling my Zippo from my pocket. “Fuck off, I’m not going to scare her off.”

They chuckled and bumped shoulders. “That’s because you got the hots for her huh Declan? You giving her some of that Irish charm you’ve been bragging about to us for years? But don’t you guys think they look kind of familiar? I can’t place them though. ”

I flipped them off and headed to the other side of the porch to smoke my cigarette. I lit my cancer stick up and inhaled deep looking at Dustine from the corner of my eye.

“Thank you officer, good bye.”

She sighed and looked over at me smiling. “Thanks for the phone. They might call you if they find the car, since we don’t have a phone.” She walked back into the house. I put out my cigarette and followed her inside.

Suddenly Cooper and Tyler rushed up to me. “Declan they are going to leave!” “Dude, we got to ask them to stay!”

“Fine, fine!” I said putting my hands up to stop them. “I’ll tell Dustine that her and her friends are welcome here until the police find their car.”

With that I walked over to the living room where the girls where whispering to each other but I could still here them.

“Dustie, we have no money, we don’t even have any clothes.”

“Ayden I know. But we can’t stay here, they probably don’t even want us here.”

“Don’t fool yourself Dustine. The cute one with the accent likes you, and I’m sure his friends are digging us too. They wouldn’t mind a few hot chicks in their house. ” Juniper wiggled her eyebrows as she giggled.

“Whatever we’re not going to impose ourselves on them. We need to leave and camp out…somewhere.”

“Where, Dustine? A homeless shelter?” Ayden sighed.

“Like we haven’t been through worse? We all made it to Arizona by ourselves with no money and we were sixteen at the time. We had nothing guys, but now we have each other and I’m sure we can survive nine years later.”

I cleared my throat and walked into the room and they stopped talking and straightened their backs. “Hey, Declan.” Dustine looked at her friends then back at me. “Thanks for everything we’ll be going now.”

“Actually we were going to start a fire out on the beach to have a small cookout it would be great if you guys would join us. Some food, music, and maybe a swim in the ocean. Sound good?”

Their faces fell when I mentioned food and I knew they were going to stay at least until tonight. Dustine was shaking her head no when Ayden and Juniper grabbed her mouth before she could say anything.

“We’ll love to join you guys! How about you guys meet us out on the beach while we talk some sense into our friend here.” They still had her mouth covered and dragged her through the doors and out to the beach.
Me and the guys grabbed everything and headed to where they were and set up camp. Once Tyler and Cooper were free from grilling the two girls were on them laughing and flirting. I looked for Dustine and I saw her walking away from us staring at the ocean.

“Hey wait up!” I called to her as I ran to catch up to her. “Why aren’t you back there with your friends?”

“Looking for some seashells.”

“That’s code for leave me the hell alone isn’t it?” She smiled then sighed.

“It’s just that it seems too perfect. Our car gets stolen and we find help from three hot guys on the beach? I bet you guys are serial killers or something. You lure the girls in with your sexy accent and body and they are willing victims.”

“Are you saying you’re a willing victim?” I smirked down at her and she laughed as her cheeks warmed up.
“We’re not serial killers and I’ll try not to lure you in with my good looks and sexy accent.” She laughed again. “You won’t let me forget that will you?”

I grinned, “I think not. You boosted my ego and that’s something a guy doesn’t forget. Besides you’re cute when you blush.”

She giggled and pushed me into the waves. I looked up at her in shock then I raised my eyebrow in challenge and she put her hands up. “Whoa, calm down. Don’t do what you are thinking of doing.”

I picked myself up and grinned as she started to run from me. I caught her and wrapped my arms around her waist lifting her up and walking us into the ocean together as her playful screams filled the air.