Friday, February 18, 2011

Burntcore Week 39: Heaven


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This was my perfect. This was my little slice of heaven. Nothing in my life was better than where I was at this moment. My perfect heaven was being wrapped up in Devin’s arms, no matter the location.

Today, he and I were out in the city park during a cloudy early fall afternoon. Despite the cooling temperatures, I refused to give up summer and wore a denim mini-skirt.Devin’s arms were wrapped around me as I sat on his lap. His guitar was propped up next to Devin against the stone bench we sat on.

This was how we spent most of our summer, entangled in each others arms, only separated when he played his guitar for me. My perfect, little slice of heaven.

Today was different. Today, I was still there, in his arms, but it was bittersweet. Devin was leaving soon for college while I toiled away during my senior year alone. He originally said he was going to wait for me so we could go together, but I couldn’t hold him back like that. Devin had received a music scholarship and if he didn’t go this year, he wouldn’t get another chance.

I had to keep reminding myself that my perfect heaven was moving but not leaving. He wouldn’t be so far away that I couldn’t visit him every once in awhile. He would always be there, it would just be a matter of where that was. I had a car and a part-time job. I could go and see him and be in my heaven anytime.

“I’m gonna miss you, silly girl,” he murmured as he nuzzled my neck. His fingers danced over the skin of my upper legs making goosebumps erupt all over.

“You better,” I giggled. “I wouldn’t want any of those older college girls to catch your eye.”

“They can’t catch my eye if I’m not looking.”

One of Devin’s hands slipped under the hem of my skirt and began caressing the back of my leg, grazing the edge of my panties. I shivered and leaned back into his chest. Feeling adventurous, I shifted and swung my legs up so I was sitting across his lap. Devin’s hands traveled down my legs to my ankles and back up again.

“I remember when you got this,” he said as his finger traced two parallel scars down the side of my shin.

I shuddered as memories from the accident flashed through my mind. Devin and I had grown up together, almost literally. He was my next door neighbor... and I was the proverbial girl next door. We were just kids riding our bikes through the neighborhood, taking a short cut behind some businesses. I lost control and fell, cutting myself on some metal sheeting that was piled up behind one of the buildings. Devin came running over when he saw I crashed but almost passed out from all the blood gushing down my leg. I was a bawling mess, so I wasn’t much better.

Devin retained control of his stomach and tried to help staunch the flow of blood with his t-shirt. It was a bit eye-opening for me at that age to see Devin bare-chested. We were still kids, not even through puberty, yet seeing his pale, bare skin brought a flush to my clammy skin. Carefully, he carried me home where my mom proceeded to fuss and work herself into a tissy over the cuts. They were deep, sure, but not so deep that it was a major issue. Once she realized that I wasn’t going to bleed out, she wrapped up my leg again and took me to the hospital.

Now, years later, I had the lovely scars on my leg to remind me of that day.

“I remember too,” I said with a smirk.

As we talked away that afternoon, his hands continued to graze across my skin, as though he was trying to remember everything. It just made me more eager to get home and show him how much I loved him.

“Come on, baby,” I whispered, pressing myself against his body. “Let’s go.”

A shudder went through Devin’s body in response to my actions. He gazed down at me full of love and lust and affection. “Alright, sweet girl.”

Later that day, we were wrapped in one another’s arms, skin sliding along skin, whispers floating around one another. This was my perfect. My little slice of heaven. Even when he left, we’d still have that.... I’d still have that, I’d still have him. My heaven wouldn’t be right here, but he would always be near.