Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nostalgicmiss Week 2 Entry: Child's Play

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Child's Play

Sitting with Alice and Rosalie on the park bench had become our Sunday ritual. It used to be we'd meet up for lunch in the city, dirty martini's as we talked about our lives.

We'd all been friends since college and our relationships hadn't diminished at all since we'd first met. Our meetings were admittedly only weekly now, but we still made an effort. Tuesday afternoons in the park and then dinner with the three of us and our significant others as Jane, my seventeen-year-old niece babysat the hoard of children. Not that she complained; she made quite a bit of money seeing as she got paid triple.

I guess our lives had started changing when we met our significant others. Rose was the first of us to get married and I don't think anyone doubted for a second it was going to happen once she fell in love with Emmett. He was different to her in so many ways, but he also leveled her out.

It was at their wedding that Alice met Rosalie's brother, Jasper. You could see the moment he asked her to dance that there was no turning back for her. Thankfully Rosalie had dressed us in the most beautiful dresses as her bridesmaids, so Alice looked even more stunning than usual.

I met Edward last, but much the same as my friends, I think I knew he was it for me. I loved him with every piece of my heart and soul, and when I fell pregnant, he didn't hesitate to ask me to marry him, and I certainly didn't have to think about saying yes.

All six of us were now good friends. When us girls had our usual Sundays, the boys would sit in Emmett's living room with whatever seasonal sport was playing at the time. Watching it on the huge flat screen while there were no women to nag them and no children to distract them, as they so kindly put it.

I couldn't imagine my life with out my five friends, and I was content.

The sun was warming the late June afternoon and I couldn't help but smile as my two kids ran around with their three best friends. Addie and Holly were now five and seven. Holly, five, had my brown curls and pale skin, but had Edward's perfectly straight nose and emerald green eyes. Addie, was seven going on seventeen. Her long bronze locks hung in tight spiral curls down her back. She'd inherited my brown eyes and button nose.

They were currently running in large circle with Caleb, Alice's pride and joy being only three. He was adorable with his ink black hair and blazing cerulean blue eyes and Hayden and Gabriella who were Rosalie's twins looked just like their father, dimples and all except with their mothers blonde hair and dazzling steel gray eyes.

"What are they doing?" Alice asked, hovering on her seat as Caleb fell to his knees. She only relaxed again when Addie helped him up and gripped his chubby little hand in hers.

"They're playing, Alice. There's no rhyme or reason to it," Rosalie ribbed, throwing her head back and laughing. "Anyone would think they were climbing trees the way you're behaving. They're in the middle of the grass running in circles. No danger."

"Shut up, Rose. You got a crash course having two at once. I still think that's cheating," I added, leaning forward to look past Rosalie. "Don't worry, Al, I was exactly the same way with Addie. She wobbled and I was out of my chair. With Holly is so much easier because I know how durable she is."

"It's not cheating," Rosalie scoffed, elbowing me in the arm.

Alice was uncharacteristically quiet, her eyes on the kids who were now stood still. All five of them were stood in a circle with their hands in the middle. I could hear the eldest of them, my bossy little Addie telling them to repeat after her.

"So the second one's really easier?" Alice asked watching with a smile as Addie folded over at her waist and gripped little Caleb's hand putting it under hers in the center of the circle.

"Everyone has to say it or it won't come true," Addie demanded looking directly at Hayden who was rolling his eyes at her. "On the count of three. Ready?"

"So much more because you know what to expect."

"One . . ." Addie shouted in chorus with the others.

"Well that's good," Alice said, her smile becoming broader.

"Two . . ."

"What are you talking about, Alice?" Rosalie demanded, giving Hayden a warning glance as he edged his hand from the group.


"I'm pregnant," Alice said as the kids behind her shouted "friends forever" at the top of their lungs.

Rosalie and I sprung to our feet squealing with joy.