Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kimmydon Week 2 Entry: Daydreams

Kimmydon's Pick: Both



Disclaimer/warning: characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. Some sexual scenarios. Treat this as being rated R in the movie sense.

I walk through the new house, thrilled to have been able to put my own touches to Esme's beautiful plans. I had a place for my lace, my knitting, my new Singer... I am all set for the next big fad to become clear to me so I can cash in on it. Bell-bottoms had been such a pay off. No one believed me, especially not Emmett who had later begged me to make him 'bells big enough for his balls' - groan.

They weren't here. Emmett and Rosalie were on yet another honeymoon. Jasper and I satisfied ourselves with the one so far. We didn't flaunt ourselves around Esme and Carlisle and vice versa, but Rose and Em?

Emmett pressing himself to Rosalie, his hands sliding under her shirt. Rose's hands tangling in her hair as she gently kisses his nose. Emmett continues to slide down her body, taking her skirt with him.

Damn those two! Didn't I have to see and hear enough of that when they were here? Jasper, of course, knows exactly what is on my mind and wraps arms around me. I nudge him with my hip, making my true feelings clear. I'm horny; I'm irritated. I wasn't newborn; I shouldn't be this easily distracted.

"They at it again?" Edward calls from his room. His voice was a speaking tone, but I can hear him out here in the entry-way.

"When aren't they?" Jasper asks aloud.

"Um, when you are?" is Edward's snide reply.

I begin picturing Irinia and Kate setting his music collection on fire.

"Fine, fine. I'm sorry."

You better be.

Jasper chuckles, feeling my satisfaction at getting the better of my terribly annoying, mind-reading brother.

I look at the sketch of the Eiffel Tower, thinking about my upcoming show in Paris. Well, it's mine but it isn't. I used an alias, of course - the anonymous designer of the House of Raffin. They were happy enough to take my offerings under their name, and I was thrilled to see my pretties on the runway.

And there they are. I turn, twirling on the hardwood, watching the models that would wear my beautiful dresses, suits, blouses, hats.

Tanya with a human man. He lies under her as she rides wildly. Her eyes closed, her mouth open, shouting. "More, more."
"Oh, Baby. I don't know how much more I've got. You feel like you're killing me. Ugh. Pulling me right off, fuck. Fuck! Ow! OW! Aaah!!"

I sit hard on the floor, my hands over my face, in my hair. I need detail. When? Could I stop her? Dark, it's dark. I look back, when did they begin? Dusk. She tries to help him off the bed, but he isn't able to stand. Dawn on the windows. It must be summer.

I lift my head to Edward's eyes. Jasper's hands are on my shoulders. "You'll call?"

"Yeah. Did you get a name?"

I shake my head. "You saw him. She'll know. She didn't just pick him up."

"What is it, love?"

I shake my head again. "It's fine Jaz. We'll stop it."

Edward braced over a brunette. He moves over her and her eyes widen before going to dark.


Edward looks at me and I run from the room. I don't want him to see that. How far have I gone? There it is, the five mile mark. Jasper is less than a second behind me.


"The first, the one he saw, was Tanya. She's going to injure her lover. The second, the one I blocked." I stop. I don't want to tell him. It's hard enough for me to keep this from Edward; I don't want Jaz to have to worry too. "The second was a human girl and male vampire. Just as bad though. No time soon."

Jasper hugs me. "It's all right, Ali-cat. We'll make it better. You and me."

I return his hug and take his hope. I can't tell him that I don't want to make it better. I want Edward to have that, to have her. I want her to be ours.