Monday, May 17, 2010

Bendingmirrors Week 2 Entry: The Last Goodbye

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Bendingmirrors Choice: Picture 1

The Last Goodbye

One last look. That's what I'd promised myself, I would take one last look at his beloved face, then I would turn back and walk away.

Somehow I just couldn't bring myself to turn to look at him though, knowing that he was yet again choosing the hunt over me. Another girl over me. Sure I enjoyed the hunt as much as the next vampire, and the games could be fun. But this was ridiculous, this was bringing the wrath of an entire clan of vampires down on us. This was deliberately choosing to chase the mate of a vampire as our next meal.

She didn't even smell that good! Sure she'd make an okay meal, but there were so many other more enjoyable pastimes out there, so many other scents to track down, places to discover and defile.

Instead, James was fixated on a stupid teenage girl. Sure she was protected and that might make the hunt more interesting, but honestly, I was bored already. I'd rather be holed up in a cave somewhere with James, we'd fed well the last few weeks, and could most likely go awhile without really needing to feed. Which meant we could spend eons losing ourselves in each other, in sex.

I didn't understand how, after all of these decades together he could choose to risk everything we have for one small, not terribly tasty, meal.

Against my better judgment, I turned back to look at his face. Examined the contours of a face I had traced a thousand times over. A nose that I had broken in the heat of the moment in Montreal. Hair I had tugged, and occasionally tidied up for him. The mouth that could deliver such meanness in sinfully dark tones was also capable of bringing the highest of peaks and glories. In response to some hidden signal, he curled one corner of that delicious mouth upwards and I started to wonder if maybe he was right and I should just follow blindly along on his quest to destruction.

James extended a hand toward me, his smirk growing larger. I know he thought I really had no thoughts of my own, and that I'd follow him blindly, but this was one step too far. I stopped myself from moving towards him. Shooting a quick look at Laurent I could tell that he was as uneasy about all of this as I was, and that James was going to be more or less on his own with this if I didn't come around.

How much more did he really expect me to put up with? I'm not the silly little girl he found in that one-horse town anymore, he honed me into a blade of the finest Toledo steel. A killing machine to match his own viciousness, and while I enjoyed the games he played, I couldn't help but think that this time he might have bitten off more than he could chew.

What was it about this dull little mouse that had all of these vampires falling all over themselves for her? A whole coven willing to protect her, and my own James about to strike off from us in order to take her.

Maybe for James though, this was more about the girl he wanted as his own. The mate he wanted before he lost her and settled for me. You can't live with someone for as long as I had without learning how to read between the lines. I'm half-way certain that the tiny vampire in the coven is the one he lost, but he won't confirm it, which to me is all that needs to be said.

When this was all over, and he had eaten the girl and gotten away from the coven I knew he would come for me. We would fight, maybe cause an avalanche with our play, but we would make up and I would have my James back in a dance of danger, lust and freedom. Until the next lure came along anyway, but in the meantime, I turned and gave him my back. Sauntering away from my mate to show him exactly what I thought of this fools scheme. I'd make it up to him when he returned, but I wasn't having a part in the madness. My own skin is far more important than any walking snack, and I'd make him admit that when he came back.