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Lisamichele17 Week 107: Parenthood


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I think the most beautiful thing in the world is to see is when two people in love become parents, especially when the couple, Leah and Angela, have struggled so strongly to have their own children.

They both tried everything to have children until they both took the adoption route. The process required a lot of patience and time.

During this process, Edward and I had been living together in my apartment. We both haven't lived with other people like this before. The love we had for each other grew stronger, but at the same time we also had to get used to seeing each other a lot more than normal.

We also learned about each other's quirks.

We also searched high and low for the perfect house for us to move into. We were very specific at what we wanted and the houses we looked at were nice, however, they didn't have the whole package for us.

In September, Leah and Angela told us that after a long search, they had officially begun the process to adopt Tanya, Irina, and Kate from foster care. The triplet's parents had been in a terrible car accident when they were on their way home.

Edward and I really wanted them to come to Portland to meet them but, it couldn't come at the worst time possible. Edward was beginning teaching, and I was on my way to NYC for two weeks for an assignment that I couldn't do at home.

On my way home from the assignment, Edward and I got the best news. He had found a house that would be perfect for us. He was so excited about the house that he took me straight from the airport to take me to it.

He was right. It was perfect. It had everything that we wanted. It gave us so many benefits. Leah and Angela's new family could stay with us, and we could meet the triplets, finally.

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This is how I see Edward and Bella's house:

Note that this house has a option mother in law space. Just in case Esme and Carlisle decide they want to be closer to Edward and Bella ;-)