Sunday, March 27, 2011

Destynee Week 44: Love or Lust?

Destiny Cullen

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Destiny Cullen’s Choice: Picture 2

Love or Lust?

Ryder was laying in bed waiting for her phone to vibrate in her palm. Her friends Marisol and Lara were taking her to the party at the abandoned paper mill. The best thing was that Maddox was going to be there. She hoped.

She’d only known Maddox for a month or so, but they’d been getting together a lot lately, and he said he’d meet her at the party. She couldn’t say that she didn’t have some type of feelings for the bad boy. But what she didn’t know was if they were feelings of love or lust.

Ryder jumped as the phone vibrated in her hand. She quickly recovered, threw her sheets off her body, and headed for her window. As she climbed out of the window and down the tree, her friends were parked on the curb with the headlights off.

“Ryder hurry your ass up!” Lara stage whispered from the front seat. “I need to find a decent guy. Mari and I don’t have a sexy guy waiting for us there.”

Ryder rolled her eyes and jumped from the last branch almost breaking her ankle. “Shut your mouth before you wake the parents.” Lara shot her a hard look as she walked towards the car.

“I thought you’d be in a rush to get to Maddox.” Lara and Marisol laughed.

Ryder groaned, “Jealous bitches.” They laughed even harder as Marisol sped out of the quiet housing development.

Once the were on the road to the paper mill, Lara cranked up the radio as Rihanna’s S&M came blasting out of the speakers. A grin flashed across their faces and they started singing along.

“I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it! Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it!”

They laughed together as they turned on to a dirt road. After a few more minutes more of singing along to the radio, they came to a barbed wire fence and sighed.

“Again with climbing fences? Why can’t they be gentlemen and cut us a hole in the damn fence?” Lara pouted as they slammed the doors closed and measured the fence.

“Marisol, you first. Then you help me and Ryder over.”

Marisol snickered as she looked at Lara. Her face was twisted with fear. “Fine, but next time I’ll bring you a step ladder.”

Before Lara could punch her, Marisol dug her shoes into the links of the fence and jumped to the other side. “Lara, I’ll go next so we can both help you down.” When she didn’t say anything, Ryder jumped on the fence and tried to copy what Mari did but her foot slipped and she fell back on the dirt floor.

“My shoes - no scratch that - my outfit wasn’t made for this.” She shook her body trying to get the dirt out of places it should never be.

“Come on just throw your feet over and I’ll help you down.” Marisol laughed.

Ryder did as Mari told her and she made it over without more dirt up her very short shorts. Surprisingly Lara made it over with minimum complaining and only a few scrapes on her knees.

“I can hear the music behind the mill, lets go before all the hot guys are gone.”

Ryder and Marisol rolled their eyes as Lara took the lead and raced behind the mill. There was a huge bonfire and music pulsing around the twenty or thirty so people.

There were cars parked around the fire and Lara shot them a dirty look as if they knew there was a back entrance to the mill. Ryder and Marisol shrugged and walked toward the coolers to get something to drink.

“So,” Mari said as she popped a top to a beer. “When do I get to meet this famous Maddox?”

Ryder took a swig of hers before she answered. “Soon, hopefully. He said he’d be here, but I don’t see him.”

“He’ll show. He would be stupid not to meet up with a hot chick like you.” Ryder smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes. “Thanks Mari. You know you don’t have to baby me, you can go find Mr. Right Now.” Mari laughed and looked around catching the eye of a blonde, who smiled an invitation.

Ryder punched her. “You go to him or I’m going to go back to your car and slashing your tires so you have to get a ride home with him.”

She narrowed her eyes. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Ryder grinned and pulled a small knife out of her bra. “Oh, I wouldn’t?” Marisol gave her a hard look then walked over to Mr. Blondie.

An hour and three beers in, there was still no sign of Maddox. As a matter of fact, there was no sign of Mari or Lara, either. Guessing they are having fun tonight, she sighed and leaned against the tail of a truck and stared into the fire.

Out of nowhere there were red and blue lights flashing and sirens sounding. For a split second everyone was shocked into frozen statues, then they scrambled like cockroaches.

Shit, she didn’t know where Lara and Marisol were. She looked around but couldn’t find anyone she recognized. Suddenly someone grabbed her waist and lifted her into the bed of the truck right before it zoomed away from the paper mill.

Ryder shot up from the hard metal of the bed. Her hair was whipping around her face stinging her cheeks and eyes. She looked back and saw the police lights getting dimmer as the truck sped away. She whipped her head to the side, looking for the person who had thrown her into the truck.

She met his eyes and his half smile made her insides melt. “Maddox?” she whispered. She wasn’t sure that he could hear her over the roar of the truck’s engine, but he smiled wider and nodded his head.

“How…I thought you weren’t going to show?” She saw him flip his lighter lid open then closed it. Open, close. Open, close.

“I was looking for you for about two hours before I crashed on the back of my friends truck looking at the stars, waiting for this really hot chick to text me back.”

Ryder felt around back pockets and then in her bra not finding the slim black phone she always had glued to her hand. “My phone. Shit, I must have dropped it when I was climbing the fence to get to the paper mill.”

He smiled and slipped his lighter into his jacket pocket. “Good to know you weren’t just ignoring me.” He crawled closer to her and cupped her cheek. “I have feelings for you, but I don’t know if it’s just lust.”

He brought his lips dangerously close to her lips and she could feel his body heat all over her removing the chill from the wind. “I think we should find out.” Ryder whispered before he brought his lips to hers. She threaded her fingers in his thick hair, pulling him tighter against her.

He moaned as she pushed him down and straddled his hips. His body was hard in all the right places and she rubbed against him as he took her mouth roughly.

The wind was cold and stinging her cheeks as she straightened and rolled her hips atop of Maddox making him growl with pleasure. Maddox shifted her weight and took her underneath his delicious body. Before she knew it, her shorts were gone and were replaced with his hips.

She raked her nails down his back as the pressure began building. Her moans were captured by his mouth, he was whispering things in her ear. Not just sex speak, but how beautiful she was to him. How he loved the way the stars shone in her eyes. A well burst inside her and pleasure consumed her.

Maddox climbed off of her and laid next to her, breathing heavily. Ryder glanced at him and he had a satisfied look on his face. He grabbed her shorts and handed them to her.

She looked at them, thinking she found out what she felt for him. But had he come to the same conclusion as she had?

“I don’t want my friend to see you naked.” He said softly, releasing her short shorts. She put them on and not sure what to do when he grabbed her waist and pulled her down with him. She fit perfectly against his chest, and he kissed her nape smiling against her skin.

“I came to my conclusion, Ryder.”

She stiffened, scared of what he might say. He kissed her shoulder and down her arm until he got down to her hand which he took into his hand.

“I want to be with you. I think this is something more than lust between us.” He brought her hand to his lips kissing it so softly she felt tears prickling wanting to come out.

He looked into her eyes, waiting for a answer, but she couldn’t speak. Instead she nodded her head and placed her hands on his cheeks, pulling his lips to hers.