Monday, November 1, 2010

Destiny Cullen Week 23: Vegas Style

Destiny Cullen

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Destiny Cullen’s Choice: Both

Vegas Style

I was sitting on the chair in Bianca’s room watching her try on her Halloween costumes. I threw on the hat she discarded and hid my face.

“I don’t wanna go!” I whined.

“Oh come on you’re a big girl now Cassie! We’re going to party Vegas style!”

I looked up at her puzzled. “Vegas style?”

She jumped on my lap and wrapped her arms around me laughing. “Yeah Vegas style. You know,’” she rolled her eyes. ”What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?"

My eyes widened. I wasn’t a prude or anything but I just don’t offer myself up because I’m drunk and have a slutty outfit on. Bianca saw my reaction and grabbed my shoulders.

“Girl come on! I need a wing woman!”

I groaned. I’ve been her wing woman since we were in high school. Now that we’re 26 doesn’t make a difference.

I sighed as she gave me the puppy dog eyes she always wins me over with. “Whatever. But I’m not going to be Sluttgurl to your Robin.” She whined, “come on! I worked hard on our costumes!” I narrowed my eyes.

“Dude! You bought them at Spencer’s!” Her eyes shifted.

“Well I put a lot of thought into them.” I nodded reluctantly and she got up and smiled.

“You’re the best friend ever!” “Or the stupidest.”

Fast forward five hours and I’m in the Sluttgurl outfit with the big ‘S’ on my chest. Er, cleavage. Bianca was dragging my silly ass in four inch heels across town to a exclusive party in the abandoned apartments. Ooooh, so scary. I rolled my eyes as it came into view. How is the electricity on if its abandoned? Bianca pulled me in too fast for me to think too much about it.

My ear drums were assaulted with hard rock or maybe it was rap. All I could see was people gyrating all over each other and sloshing their drinks everywhere. I groaned walking along behind Bianca. She made a beeline to the drinks and pulled a glass off the table and tried to hand one to me.

“Babe, what are our rules?” I said as I put the cups back down and grabbed two closed beer bottles. She rolled her eyes, grabbed the bottle and tore off the top.

“No drinking from anything but closed containers.” I smiled and patted her head for effect.

About a hour in I lost Bianca and was frustrated. “What good is a wing woman if you don’t stay with her?” My voice was lost in the bass of the speakers. I decided to leave this particular apartment and look around the building. Yeah I might run into some drunk guys but none can be worse than Mike who was slobbering all over me.

I found a open door and saw that there was lights on. “Hello?” I looked around searching for someone. To no avail I leaned against the wall and slid down. I glanced around and saw a chair to my left. I narrowed my eyes at it. “You’re here just to spite me aren’t you?” It would be too much work to get up so I crossed my legs and pulled out my paperback and cell phone from my mini purse.

I glanced at my phone before starting on my book. No texts or missed calls meant I could enjoy the book for a while. I was getting into my romance story; Torin was about to declare his love to Martina when I heard the door burst open and drunk laughter filled the lovely silence. The clicking of heels got louder and louder until I saw a couple with their lips locked. I cleared my throat and the glared at me.

“What are you doing here?” The girl asked with hatred in her eyes. I guess she didn’t like being cockblocked.

“Oh I’m saving this apartment for me and my boyfriend so I’d appreciate it if you left before he comes back.” She gave me a death glare as her guy was still trying to feel her up.

“Where did he go? It seems like its just you and that stupid romance novel.”

I glared at her and I was about to open my mouth when I saw a sexy guy dressed as 007 walk into view. The sunglasses and all.

“I got the beers babe.” He looked right at me as he held up the beers. I saw the girl open her mouth, but all that came out was stuttering and I swear I saw a little bit of drool escape. 007 turned and looked at her through narrowed his eyes.

“Who are you? I’m positive we had this room first. Go find another one to spread your STDs.” I snickered as he came and sat next to me and handed me the beer.

He smiled and winked at me. The girl cussed and stalked out with her guy in tow and slammed the door on the way out. I just starred at him in awe. He took off his glasses and ran his hand through his dark hair.

“Who are you?” I asked amazed. He smirked as he looked down at his beer.

“Just someone who is looking for some peace and quiet.”

I smiled at him and nodded. He looked at me and I saw his dark blue eyes shine in the dim light. I couldn’t help but lean in close to him.

He flashed me that trademark smirk we all hear about that makes your knees go weak and your stomach drop. I bit my lip as I checked out his sexier than thou lips. They were the perfect shape and a pretty pink, I could feel myself lean in a little more and my mouth open slightly.

“My name is Dean.” I shook my head and looked at him confused. He laughed and smiled. “My name is Dean and it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He looked down at my costume and chuckled again. “Sluttgurl?” I looked down and glared at my costume.

“Yeah my friend forced me to wear it.” I saw his face drop a little bit.

“Is Robin your boyfriend you were talking about?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that. “No, no boyfriend. My friend Bianca forced me to come here in this.” I motioned to the barely there fabric.

“I must thank your friend. She has really good taste.” The grin was back on his face and my eyes traveled down his body. WOW! You could see his muscles move under the suit that was made to fit his sexy body.

“Is there a Pussy Galore to your James Bond?” I could almost hear the anticipation in my voice.

He looked up through his lashes and whispered, “If there is?”

I glared playfully. “I’d go kill her so I could take her place.” I had no idea where this bravery came from but I love it.

He ran his eyes down my face and stopped at my lips. “No need. There is no Pussy Galore out there.” He chuckled and shifted his gaze to my eyes. “Would you like to be my Pussy Galore tonight…” he trailed off for me to finish.

“Cassie. Cassie is my name.” The smirk reappeared and melted my insides.

“What do you say, Cassie?” He grazed the pad of his thumb up my cheek pushing some hair to the side. My eyes met his and I knew the answer.

“Yes.” I whispered as he leaned in and captured my lips with his deliciously soft ones.


I lost a few blissful hours with Dean. If I said I regretted it, it would be the biggest lie of the century. I walked home around two am and Bianca greeted me at the door. Okay, more like screamed at me once I walked inside.

“Where the hell have you been?! I’ve been calling you forever!” She waved her cell phone in front of me. I sighed and threw my purse on the floor.

“See anything different about me?”

She looked me over and gasped. “Who’s jacket is that?”

I smirked. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

She glared at me. “You won’t tell your bestest friend in the whole wide world?” Annnnd cue puppy dog eyes.

“Nope. Sorry Bianca. Remember we were doing it Vegas style remember? So that means whatever happened at that party stays at that party.” I giggled I picked up my purse and shimmied to my room.

Once I got into my room my cell went off and I opened the text message:

Meet me for lunch tomorrow?

I smiled so big my face hurt. Okay so maybe what happened at the party won’t stay there but it sounded good.

Mod note: My bad. Halloween got the better of me, this should have been up yesterday.