Sunday, September 26, 2010

SnappleApple450 Week 18: Fling

SnappleApple 450

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SnappleApple 450's Choice: Picture 2


Time Period: 1953, California

“Where are we going?” I asked, blowing a bubble.

Ricky reached over and poked my big pink bubble, deflating it. I playfully glared at him as I put the gum back in my mouth. The windows were rolled down and the sky was a consistent grey, but it wasn’t bleak. It felt like it was about to rain but we didn’t care.

It was the last day I had in California. I came out here for the summer to stay with my aunt, but summer was almost over. I told my parents that I wanted to stay here for school. I didn‘t want to go back to Kansas....

“Rickyyyy where are we going?” I whined impatiently.

He came to a turn on the road and pulled over where there was a lookout. “Come on,” he pulled my hand and dragged me out his side of the car.

We were at the water’s edge, where the ocean waves crashed against the cliffs below. I leaned over the side, looking over when I felt his arms wrap around me protectively.

I turned around to face him, putting my arms around his neck and smiling. “This place is so amazing!” My eyes flashed with excitement.

He looked past me, watching the horizon for the longest time. “What are you thinking about?” I finally asked him as his eyes returned to mine.

“You know why I love this spot so much? The way the ocean reflects the sun on the waves.... It reminds me of your grey eyes and bright smile, counter balancing the two most beautiful parts of you.” He paused for a second in thought. “Well...” his eyes fell to my mouth as I smiled. “Maybe third best part of you,” he said, leaning down to kiss me.

Even though I was leaving tomorrow, that didn’t matter because right now I was sharing the last day of summer with my love.