Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snapple Apple 450 Week 37: Where Do You Go When Nobody Wants You? (Part 5)

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Where Do You Go When Nobody Wants you? (Part 5 - finale, I promise)

Who do you go to when nobody wants you? Where do you go when nobody cares what happens to you? Oh sure, people say they love you, but they are all in it for a reason. I think for me, Bianca Stratford, it’s for money. Being a wealthy heiress has its perks, but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. People say money makes the world go round. I say it makes the world blind. So what do you do when when you’re blind? You grope in the dark for the answer. Just when you think you find the Northern Lights to guide you, a cloud covers them. When you think you find love, it’s a lie. Don’t give someone the key to your heart, throw it to the wind and hope nobody finds it. And if someone does find it? Deny it’s yours.

“Happy birthday, Bianca!” Mr. Stratford knocked on his daughter’s door.

She buried her face in her many pillows. “Go away.”

He opened the door anyway. “No, it’s your birthday. You’re leaving soon and this is my last chance at being your dad.” He sat on the edge of her bed and sighed. “You should be happy.”

“I should be tired. It’s eight in the fucking morning.” She ignored what he was trying to say. Everyone knew she was a little depressed when she returned from Alaska. She didn’t go out partying with her friends anymore, drugs didn’t seem worth it anymore, drinking seemed pointless so her mom was all around happy with the results, not caring about the emotional damage it had on her.

“You got a letter in the mail. I thought you’d want to read it.”

“Ask me in 2 hours,” she mumbled.

“It’s from Christopher Bowers…”

Bianca sat up with so much anger coursing through her. “Burn it and return to sender.”

“Sweetheart, I read it first to make sure it wouldn’t cause you pain—“

“Too late.”

“I think you should read it,” he pushed.

“What could he say that would make things better?” She spat grabbing her robe. The anger was enough to wake her up.

“He could say sorry,” her dad was soft.

“Not good enough.” She cinched her robe tight and put on her slippers.

“Just read it sweetie.” He placed it on her bed and walked out.

She stared at the letter, anger slowly leaving her body. Is that all she wanted to hear? An apology? I’m sorry for taking your heart and running it deep into the snow. She picked up the letter and opened it.

Bianca Stratford, I’m sorry. I know I’m lucky enough if you at least read that much. I’m sorry you left without saying goodbye. Under the circumstances, I can understand why. My parents told me about the plan to set us up. Please know I had nothing to do with it. I really do love you. It wasn’t part of a scheme to steal your money. Only your heart. Forgive me, Bianca. I know I’m just some guy to you…but you’re the world to me.

She dropped the letter and sat down. He wasn’t in on it? So everything with him was real? Unless this was still another scheme. How would she ever know? She shook her hair out of the messy bun she had it in for the night and headed for the shower. Once she got out and dressed, her dad was waiting for her.

“Happy birthday?” he said hesitantly, not sure what mood she was in.

Bianca’s face had a ghost of a smile, something she hadn’t had since returning from Alaska. “Thanks, Daddy.”

“You want to spend the day together? No big party, no presents, just you, me, and a delicious pretzel in the middle of downtown?” He smiled warmly, holding out a Yankees hat he always wore when he was being “normal dad”.

“Maybe later?” She asked.

Mr. Stratford sighed and nodded. “It’s your birthday, Bee. Celebrate it in whatever legal way you want.”

She hugged him on her way out of the room. “Thanks, Dad.”

Bianca didn’t want to leave the house today. She was in a hermit mood and decided to stay in her dad’s study and read. He had stacks of books, but never touched them. She used to think they were just there for looks, but when she came back from Alaska she found reading a better use of her time. She grabbed the latest classic, Pride and Prejudice, and opened it to the chapter she last stopped on. Mr. Darcy was just admitting his love to Elizabeth.

“Bianca?” She heard a voice.

Quickly she looked up. Christopher was standing in the doorway. She stood up with a shocked look on her face. “Chris?”

He didn’t move, just stood there taking in the goddess before him. He smiled hesitantly. “I didn’t know if you got my letter… I never got a reply.”

“I just received it today,” she admitted. “Guess it takes a long time to get from Alaska…”

He nodded, happy to know it wasn’t because she was intentionally ignoring him. “I wasn’t going to wait for a reply… when my parents heard I sent it, they started…planning again and I-” He walked towards her. “I left.”

She didn’t know how to respond to him. “So…you really do love me?”

Chris nodded. “I really do. I don’t care if you’re broke and living on the street or have a million huge sunglasses and running Wall Street. I love you.”

Bianca’s face burst into a smile as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. “I love you too, Christopher!”

He kissed her again and swung her around in his arms while Mr. Stratford watched from the open door with a smile. He had flown Christopher out for her birthday, knowing she loved him. All he wanted for his daughter was happiness. That’s all he ever wanted for her; pure happiness, not drug-induced. That’s why he sent her to Alaska. He knew about their son and sent her in hope she’d find a decent guy. Christopher’s family was corrupted, but so was Bianca’s. As long as they loved each other, nothing in the world could be wrong.